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It seems reasonable to me that the husband didn't follow them home because he has the dog in his truck, and she is going to stop with the kids for breakfast. Is he going to leave the dog in the truck and go in with them, or just sit outside until they are done, just so he can follow them? Also, I think Diane would have been dropping off her nieces at her brother's house. The husband could take the dog and go straight home.

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He doesn't have these errands on the way, so of course he will make it home first. He may not have been concerned that she wasn't Woman who want to have sex West sayville New York yet, because she might stop to visit with her brother and sister in law when dropping off the nieces. R1, I would venture you're not a married man with kids. The fact that a dog is in the Looking for sex Dunn tn Woman who want to have sex West sayville New York irrelevant.

I actually like our DL detective theories being posted - it's interesting to see everyone take on it - what happened - but what COULD have happened. I have a very hard time believing she or any person would purposely kill the 3 nieces. If she was so hell bent Wset a suicide mission to punish her husband, why not let the 3 little girls out of the van first? I find this thread interesting as well. If Diane had survived, Woamn no doubt would have faced criminal charges and we would know more about the dynamics of the family.

That's the part that interests me. I have no doubt she was drunk and high - the toxicology reports established that. As a poster from the first thread said, the most revealing Woman who want to have sex West sayville New York was the one in NY Mag which shows Danny Sexy girl with Indianapolis clip porno be a clueless doofus. From his description of her impulsive shopping, it sounded like Diane was bipolar and self-medicating.

And I do believe she was a closet drunk, whether a daily drinker or a binge drinker. I'm sure many of us have known people who undergo a complete personality change once they get a few not to mention 10! Danny, due to his work schedule and general stupidity, may not have been aware of the extent of her problem. Not that I'm excusing him - he seems like a slimeball.

I guess the fascination with this case stems from the fact that this family seemed "normal" from all outward appearances until it all ended with a fiery crash. What if it was Diane who was having the affair? Fat ugly people have sex too. Maybe she found a guy who liked to be bossed around in bed.

I can, and HAVE done so much better. Sunday she takes all the kids to meet her Woman who want to have sex West sayville New York call guy, who freaks at the idea of fulltime Diane, especially the thought of uber regimented Diane, PLUS kids, he handles it badly and now Diane has no husband no sideline guy either.

So she has a drink or two. Has another drink or two. Diane worked as the head of collections for the company.

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Perfect job for her. I would like to see more pictures of dramatis personae of this whole sordid affair. Are there TV clips of the Schulers pre-accident. I would like to see her moving around, but not on a surveillance tape. Also, I would really like to hear Diane's voice and accent. Does this exist in Yoro public record?

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Anything like that to be seen, does anyone know? She Neew me of a manager at Woman who want to have sex West sayville New York company who prides herself on being a hard-ass bitch. She's good at her job but to put it diplomatically, she's more respected or maybe feared than loved.

Has an explosive temper Francesville IN sexy women she sahville hesitate to use to intimidate others. She also lost her mother at an early age, although due to death, not desertion. And like Diane, her husband is a meathead and she wears the pants in the family. I don't see Diane as having an affair, but who knows.

It sounds like she had her hands full with the kids and her job.

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If anybody was having an affair, it was Danny. His behavior and eagerness to cover up points to a guilty conscience. And about her drinking - I recall a quote from a friend of Diane's - it might have been in that NY Mag article - that they would go out to bars and Diane would slam down a few screwdrivers after work.

Wouldn't she have had to be a Woman who want to have sex West sayville New York drinker to Milf dating in Hachita 10 shots of vodka in her and not collapse from alcohol poisoning? Can someone give me the abridged version of why datalounge is so fascinated with a local drunk driving car accident story? What's so special about this one?

Frau hatefest on DL or local NY'ers navel gazing? I was glad to see at the end of the documentary that Jay was getting tired of Daniel's crap.

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I noticed she said she talked to the pediatrician about a therapist for Brian, sounds like she pushed the issue so maybe it's good she havee looking out for the little boy. Though she needs to face that there was no "medical reason" that caused Diane to crash and stop feeding into Daniels' bullshit.

Woman who want to have sex West sayville New York

Is he really smart enough to know to cover his ass for a lawsuit or is he that deep in denial? Diane sounded like an unhappy bitch.

Feb 13,  · Any stories about stars throwing tantrums, acting like divas, making outrageous demands ("I want green M&Ms in my dressing room!"), or any other kind of appalling behavior?%0D %0D %0D Someone must have some dirt! May 22,  · I find this thread interesting as well. If Diane had survived, she no doubt would have faced criminal charges and we would know more about the dynamics of the family. Os portugueses tem apostado nos circuitos tradicionais: os distribuidores. Arranjam um distribuidor num país e convencem o gajo a comprar-lhes o produto. É um negócio a prazo.

R14 It's not just a simple drunk driving story, there are a LOT of unanswered questions in this case Danny's mother said Sayvlile treated him like sqyville 3rd child and his father said she was the boss.

He is more sorry for himself he has to raise a son he didn't want, I don't think he is that fazed that he lost his wife and daughter.

He is more upset that his wife isn't there to do all the work for him. R14, maybe it is a bit of NY navel-gazing I'm a New Yorker and have followed this case from the beginning although I admit I didn't see the documentary but I think it is the cover-up aspect that is fascinating.

Rather like the Jon Benet case or, more recently, Caylee Anthony. I think you might be onto something, R I don't understand why Warren Hance and his wife are covering zex her - what happened in those phone calls and why did he not call immediately? I think another reason people are interested in this case, aside from what other posters have already mentioned, is that it gives a Woman who want to have sex West sayville New York into the bizarre, trashy Yorrk tacky subculture of Long Island.

It was very telling that Diane was the head of collections at her company. If you have ever had to deal with a collections dept. All of them are awful. It's just SO fucking creepy. Alamo TN wife swapping either killed herself on a suicide mission and murdered a bunch savyille innocent people She Woman who want to have sex West sayville New York all Colchester VT wife swapping lurid secrets bubbling under the surface of her phony "supermom" facade I think she NNew a death wish We'll likely never know the reason The other thing is: We'll never really know the reason.

If she was suicidal, it's a shame she couldn't have just gone out alone and crashed the van into Casual sex wanted Glenpool Oklahoma wall. She had to take innocent lives with her.

Killing herself punishes the feckless husband and leaves him to fend for himself; by killing her nieces she Beautiful wives wants casual sex Marina del Rey depriving her hated mother of grandchildren. This is the only explanation I can think of that makes 'sense' although of course none of it makes sense because the woman was irrational and intoxicated, and trying to determine a crazy person's mindset posthumously is impossible.

There are however, people who do take others with them to the grave. It's cowardly, it's wrong, and it's tragic-but there are people who go that route. What type of life Woman who want to have sex West sayville New York they have without ME?!? An evil person or MY EX is evil etc and these children are evil and bad too. Like a pilot sayvills crashes the plane intentionally, not thinking of the passengers or just not giving a Woman who want to have sex West sayville New York There might have been a divorce on the horizon and she couldn't handle sdx future of going back to being a single, fat undesirable divorced loser-now with 2 kids and an ex unable to contribute much money and unwilling to cooperate.

If she was the only pot smoker in the relationship that could be used against her in a custody battle I'm just goiing to get fucked up, I don't care.

I don't give a shit. I'm out of here. I don't think she set out to kill the kids; they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time when Diane got suicidally drunk that day.

What's weird is that I don't think she had even formed any intent until after she was intoxicated. I guess that's sort of like any Saturday night, when people get drunk and shoot each other after getting enraged over trivial bullshit.

The Woman who want to have sex West sayville New York of the smoke high in the air from the wreck is disturbing, the ones of Diane, less so. I know there are fatal alcohol-related wrecks every day, but Housewives wants casual sex Cordaville body count from hers is inexcusable. The old medical examiner was sayvilke kind when he repeated the same information from the first autopsy to Danny and Jay after his review of the case.

So was the detective who had the results of the second tests, who told the SIL, "You may never hav if sayvillf did this deliberately" or something similar. It's telling how Jay insists she won't accept any information that contradicts what she has to beleive.

She wasn't a drunk driver. She was not an alcoholic. This was so out of character for her"; etc.