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I need someone with long hair

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I will lecture you, pull lonh your skirt and pull your panties down to your thighs. You host or I host doesn't matter to me. I do have pictures and will send you one if you chose to reply and tell me about your self. I guess the perfect I need someone with long hair would be that you are married as well but you can be single.

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Hair: Dyed blond
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I was at a bar in a mountainous town, enjoying a little apres ski, where I met a fellow from the Czech Republic over a few cold ones. As often happens sooner or later, the topic of Horny married ladies wanting married mature hair came up. After describing our little project to him, he looked at me directly across the table and flatly told me I should cut my hair.

Did you not hear that part about the hair ties, and the global fraternity for men with long hair? He kept taking his hat off and showing me his super short hair, rubbing it to apparently demonstrate how nice it felt, how easy to deal with and how great it looked.

So great, in fact, that I should cut mine off too. Just as I prepared to launch into a full-blown dissertation at the bar, we were interrupted and pulled into another conversation.

I was further distracted and eventually drifted to the other side of the saloon, we never made it back to our little chat and I never saw him again. Having missed the opportunity, what better place to answer his question? So, friend, here is my response. Long hair is a pain. You do learn to deal with it, after a while you I need someone with long hair forget about it, but there are regular reminders.

Like working out, I need someone with long hair sports, being outdoors, eating, sleeping, dressing for any occasion, riding roller coasters, making out, brushing your teeth and virtually every activity of daily life. Also it costs some money. Long hair is an instant differentiator.

Walk I need someone with long hair a room with a hundred guys, five or 10 at most are gonna have flow, depending on where you pull your sample. And lobg there are plenty of other ways to be different, none are quite so obvious or instantaneous as I need someone with long hair appearance including a streaming mane cascading down your shoulders. Along with being different comes a certain required self-confidence.

With confidence comes self-respect, self-esteem, and belief in your powers and abilities. If you ask me, those things are important. Maybe the most important. But if Pussy for free in Vancouver al long hair can help build and develop those self affirmations, then hell yes let it ride.

For me long hair symbolizes independence. This is mostly with regard to employment. The idea of someone telling me I have to cut my hair to work for them, choosing between a job or these golden tresses, is ridiculous. Not to say we should all grow out all the hair on our body, ok, but you get the idea. The hair grows for a reason. Long hair in Native American culturefor example, is a spiritual artifact and for some tribes represents a connectedness with the earth.

Beside the historical cultures of ancient tribes and people, long hair is a culture in itself. We have a community.

We have beliefs and customs. We do HairWhipWednesdays and celebrate our locks. Witn are limitless long hairstyles hiar learn and experiment I need someone with long hair. I can wear it with a hat or a beanietied up, straight or wavy.

Not to mention I can rip off a hailstorm of hair whips at any given moment, twist up a sick braid or choke someone out with it if needed. The bottom line is, long hair makes me different.

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Then you can fairly and objectively decide your preference. And if that continues to be short, please enjoy the benefits for the rest of Women for sex Seattle Washington, it must be nice.

Did we miss anything? Why not share in the comments? Ive had long hair for about a year now and ive recently had doubts and thoughts of chopping it off, but this is I need someone with long hair what I needed. I tend to doubt loong and spin myself in circles in my head, but I ahould havr more confidence in myself and my hair. Had the same at 61 long.

I need someone with long hair

The flow… love it bro…. Krazy Karl, hell yes man! Thanks for writing in! My biggest reason why I choose to let it ride is simply because I can. Like you said, you dont want a boss telling lon that you have to cut your I need someone with long hair in order to get the promotion or raise. My pay should be based on my contribution to the company, not my appearance.

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Hence, I have long hair and my own business! Thanks for writing in hombre, appreciate your comments! Long hair was also sacred to the European Keltic and Germanic tribes.

One of the things Married wife looking sex Millington Romans did to subjugate and humiliate the European tribes was to force the men to cut their hair.

Proud men with long locks has a very ancient history in Europe! Leo, great stuff man! We would love I need someone with long hair dive into some of these other cultures. You want to write a guest blog post for us?? I grew my hair out for almost two years, it got to be about 15 inches by the time I need someone with long hair cut it. I powered through and actually met my girlfriend when my hair was shoulder-length. There are so many reasons why Nerd let my mane flow.

One in particular is why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? My hair sets me apart from the masses. Living a life as cookie cutter wannabe was never Women wants hot sex Bishopville South Carolina forte. Love the skin you are in and the rewards will multiply. My hair is a gift that keeps on giving. I trim it and give away my inches to make wigs for women and children who have lost their hair.

Live large and in so doing you model the way for others to be courageous. I love everything about this and I really, really wish Wtih were sitting next to you at the bar with the Czech. Ash is a so nice woman that you should be in a great danger, El Rubio…. I just recently I need someone with long hair my head.

I had shoulder length hair and buzzing it was devastating. I caved in Horny women in Malvern, AL pressure of advice to cut it. Take it from me, long hair truly lives in the heart. I took the easy rode nede time but it will never happen again someons friends! As for whatever reason they give you to cut it, there in fact lies a far better reason to reply as to not cut it.

You just need to search harder because I need someone with long hair long hair were easy, everyone would be doing it. But it takes effort and lots nfed work as do all great things worth while! Striking the heart man! In fact, consider documenting your trials and tribulations so,eone the iwth stage as you go back through it, and help the other guys make it through.

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Well, here is the thing… I need someone with long hair hear that awful advice all the time. But believe it or not, even gay men also have no respect for me because I have long hair. Yeah, since my hair is long for 2 yearscountless times I heard guys saying that would not witu me because I have long hair, or they just ignore me because of that.

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For years I tried to be what people expected me to be, and I gained lpng in return. And here I am. Never been happier with my long hair.

Your comments are genuine and meaningful, thank you for sharing. All great points El Rubio. Like many I need someone with long hair said the main appeal to me is to be different, life would be someoe boring if neee had exactly the same type of personality so why not try to have a different look as well?! Been letting it ride for the last 7yrs. This is my 4th blonde whip since high school. The only thing about short hair is keeping it cut, and finding that special someone to cut it just the way you I need someone with long hair it, same goes with long hair too but a bad haircut grows so slow.

When I would get it cut I felt as though I was just like everyone else. Been a longhair on and off since high school. Made me feel like I was just another face in the crowd, and who wants to do that. Retired after 30 years in the military.

Wanted to try it. I love lettin it ride! Some of my gay friends have said and acted in the same way. Why be a copy?