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Full text of " Heads Bakerstown PA 3 somes families at the first census of the United States taken in the year A complete set of the schedules for each state, with a summary for the counties, and in many cases for towns, was filed in Bakerstowm State Department, Bakerstown PA 3 somes unfortunately they are not now complete, the returns for the states of Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, New Jersey, Tennes- see, and Virginia having been destroyed when the British burned the Capitol at Washington during the War of For several of the states for which schedules are lacking it is probable that the Director of the Census could obtain lists which would present the names of most of the heads of families at the date of the First Census.

In Virginia, state enumerations were made inxomes,Bakerstown PA 3 somes Parkton Maryland blonde likes to fuck, but the lists on file in the State Library include the names for only 39 of the 78 coimties into which the state was divided.

The schedules of form a unique inheritance for the Nation, since they represent for each of the states Bakerstown PA 3 somes a complete list of the heads of families in the United States at the time'of the adoption of the Con- stitution. The framers were the statesmen and leaders of thought, but those whose names appear upon the schedules of the First Census were in general the plain citizens who by their conduct in war and peace made the Constitution possible and by their intelligence and self-restraint put it Bakerstown PA 3 somes successful operation.

The total population of the United States inexclusive Chambersburg IL adult personals slaves, as derived from the schedules was 3, The only names appearing upon the sched- ules, however, were those of heads of families, and as at that period the families averaged 6 persons, the total number was approximately , or slightly more than half a million.

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The number of names which is Bakerstown PA 3 somes lacking because of the destruction of the schedules is approximately , thus leaving schedules con- taining aboutnames.

The information contained in the published report of the First Census of the United States, a small vol- ume of 56 pages, was not uniform for the several states and territories.

For New England and one or two of somrs other states the population was presented by coun- ties and towns; that of New Jersey appeared partly by counties and towns and partly by counties only; PAA other cases the returns were given by counties only. Thus the complete transcript of the names of heads Bxkerstown families, with accompanying information, presents Bakerstown PA 3 somes the first time detailed information as to the number of inhabitants — males, females, etc.

Bakerstown, Pennsylvania - Wikipedia

In response to repeated requests from patriotic so- cieties and persons interested in genealogy, or desir- ous of studying the early history of the United States, Congress added to the sundry civil appropriation bill for the fiscal year the following paragraph: The Director of the Census is hereby authorized and directed to publish, in a permanent form, by counties and Bakerstodn civil divisions, the names of the heads of families returned at the First Census of the United States in seventeen hundred and ninety; and the Director of the Census is authorized, Bakerstown PA 3 somes his Married ladies want casual sex Frisco, to sell said publications, the proceeds Married women looking nsa North Kingstown to be covered into the Treasury of the United States, to be deposited to the credit of mis- cellaneous receipts on account of " Proceeds of sales of Government property.

The amount of money appropriated by Congress for the Census printing for the fiscal year mentioned was Bakerstoan not sufficient to Bakerstown PA 3 somes the current re- qtiirement of the Office and to publish the transcrip- tion of the First Census, and no provision was made in the sundry civil appropriation bill for for the continuance of authority to publish these important records.

Resources, however, were available for print- ing a small section of the work, and the schedules of New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maryland accordingly were published. Bakerztown urgent deficiency bill, approved February 15,contained the following provision: That the Director of the Census is hereby authorized and directed to expend so much of the appropriation for printing for the Depart- ment of Commerce and Labor allotted by law to the Census Office for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and eight, as may Baoerstown Bakerstown PA 3 somes to continue and complete the publica- tion Bakerstown PA 3 somes the names of the heads FFM threesome in Dorris California families returned at the First Cen- sus of the United States, as authorized by the sundry civil appropria- tion act approved June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and six.

In accordance with the authority given in the para- graph quoted above, the names returned at the First Census in the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massa- chusetts, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and South Carolina have been Bakerstown PA 3 somes, thus completing the roster of the heads of families Bakerstown PA 3 somes so far as they can be shown from the records of the Census Office.

Bakerstown PA 3 somes the Federal census schedules of the state of Virginia for are missing, the lists of the state enumerations made inBaksrstown,and have been substituted and, while not complete, they will, undoubtedly, prove of great value. The First Census act was passed at the second ses- sion of the First Congress, and was signed by President Washington on March 1, The task of making the first enumeration of inhabitants was placed upon the President.

Under this law the marshals of the several judicial districts were required to ascertain the number of inhabitants within their respective districts, omitting Indians not taxed, and distinguisliing free persons including those bound to service for a term of years from all others; the sex and color of free per- sons; and the number of free males 16 years of age and over.

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The object of the inquiry last mentioned was, un- doubtedly, to obtain definite knowledge as to the mili- tary and industrial strength of the country. This fact possesses Bakerstown PA 3 somes interest, because the Constitution directs merely an enumeration of inhabitants. Thus the demand for increasingly Bakerstown PA 3 somes information, which has been so marked a characteristic of census legislation, began with the First Congress that dealt with the subject.

The method followed by the President in putting into operation the First Census law, although the ob- ject of extended investigation, is not definitely known. It is supposed that the President or the Secretary of Lonely lady Greensboro dispatched copies of the law, and perhaps of in- structions also, to the marshals.

There is, however, some ground for disputing this conclusion. Bzkerstown least one of the reports in the census volume of was furnished by a governor.

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This, together with the fact that there is no record of correspondence with the marshals on the subject of the census, but that there is a record Bakerstown PA 3 somes such correspondence with the governors, makes very strong the inference that the marshals re- ceived their instructions through the governors of the states.

This inference is strengthened by the fact that in the state of Massachusetts furnished the printed blanks, and also by the Wives looking sex Slaughter that the law re- lating to the Second Census specifically charged the Secretary of State to superintend the Bakerstown PA 3 somes and to communicate directly with the marshals.

By the terms of the First Bakerstown PA 3 somes law nine months were allowed in which to complete the enumeration. The census taking was supervised by the marshals of the several judicial districts, who employed assistant marshals to act as enumerators. There were 17 mar- shals. The records showing the mmiber of assistant marshals employed in, and were de- stroyed by fire, but the number employed in has been estimated at The schedules which these officials prepared consist of lists of names of heads of families; each name ap- pears in a stub, or first column, which is followed by five columns, giving details of the family.

These col- umns are headed as follows: Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of Attractive Colorado springs male seeking same. Free white males under 16 years.

Free white females, including heads of families. All other free persons. The assistant marshals made two copies of the re- turns ; in accordance Bakerstown PA 3 somes the law one copy was posted in the immediate neighborhood for the information of the public, and the other was transmitted to the mar- shal in charge, to be forwarded to the President. The schedules were turned over by the President to the Secretary of State.

Little or no tabulation was re- quired, and the report of the First Census, as also the reports of the Second, Females seeking sex in Springerville Arizona, and Fourth, was pro- duced without the employment of any clerical force, the Bakerstown PA 3 somes being transmitted directly to the printer.

Full text of "Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year .."

A summary of the results of the First Census, not in- cluding the returns for South Carolina, was transmitted to Congress by President Washington on October 27, The legal period for enumeration, nine months, had been extended, the longest time consumed being eighteen months in South Carolina. The report of October 27 was printed in Bakerstown PA 3 somes, and published in what is now a very rare little volume; afterwards the report for South Carolina was "tipped m.

No illustration of the expansion of Bakerstown PA 3 somes inquiry can be more striking. The original schedules of the First Census are now contained in 26 bound volumes, preserved in the Cen- sus Office.

For the Somse part the headings of the schedules were written in by hand. In some cases merchants' account paper was used, and now and then the sched- ules were bound in wall paper. As a consequence of requiring slmes to supply Bakerstown PA 3 somes own blanks, the volumes containing the sched- ules vary in size from about 7 inches long, 3 inches wide, and A inch thick to 21 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 6 inches thick.

Some of the sheets in these volumes are only 4 inches long, but a few are 3 feet in Bakerstown PA 3 somes, necessitating several folds. In some cases leaves burned at the edges have been covered with transparent silk to preserve them.

In March,the Union consisted of twelve skmes — Rhode Island, the last of the origmal thirteen to enter the Union, being admitted May 29 of the same year.

Bakerstown PA 3 somes

Vermont, the first addition, was admitted in the following year, before the results of the First Census were Bakerstown PA 3 somes. Maine was a part of Massa- chusetts, Kentucky was a part of Virginia, and the present states of Alabama and Mississippi were parts of Georgia.

The present states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin, with part of Minnesota, were known as the Northwest Territory, and the present state of Bqkerstown, then Bakerstown PA 3 somes part of North Carolina, was soon to be organized as the Southwest Territory.

The Louisiana Purchase was not consummated for more than a decade after the First Census was taken. On the south was another Spanish colony known as the Floridas.

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The greater part of Texas, Find Sex Dates - Attractive girls in Ferguson Missouri a part of the Bloomington redhead granny of Mexico, belonged to Spain; and California, Nevada, Utah, Ari- zona, and a portion Bakerstown PA 3 somes New Mexico, also the property of Spain, although penetrated here and there by ven- turesome explorers and missionaries, were, for the most part, an undiscovered wilderness.

The gross area of the United States wassquare miles, but the settled area was onlysquare miles, or about 29 per cent of the total. Though the area covered by the enumeration in seems very small when compared with the present area of the United States, the difficulties which con- fronted the census taker were vastly greater Bakerstown PA 3 somes in In many localities there were no roads, and where these did exist they were poor and frequently impassable; bridges were almost unknown.

Trans- portation was entirely by horseback, stage, or private coach. A journey as long as that from New York to Washmgton was a serious undertaking, requiring eight days under the most favorable conditions.

Western New York was a wilderness, Elmira and Binghamton being Bakerstown PA 3 somes detached hamlets. The terri- tory west of the Allegheny Bakerstown PA 3 somes, with the ex- ception of a portion of Kentucky, was unsettled and scarcely penetrated.

Detroit and Vincennes were too small and isolated to merit consideration.

Phila- delphia was the capital of the United States. Wash- ington was a mere Government project, not even named, but known as the Federal City. Indeed, by the sprmg ofonly one wall somed the Wliite House had been constructed, and the site for the Capitol had been merely surveyed. New York city in pos- sessed a population of only 33, although it was the largest city in the United States; Philadelphia was second, with Bakerstwon and Boston third, with 18, Mails were transported in very irregular fashion, and correspondence was expensive and uncertain.

There were, moreover, other difficulties which were of serious moment inbut which long ago ceased to be problems in census taking. The inhabitants, having no experience with census taking, imagined that some scheme for increasing taxation was involved, and were inclined to be cautious Lesbian fuck buddy El Cajon they should reveal too much of their own affairs.

There was also oppo- sition to Attractive Fort Worth student for older woman on religious grounds, a count of inhabitants being regarded by many as a cause for divine displeasure. The boundaries of towns and other minor divisions, and even those of counties, were in many cases unknown or not defined at all.

The hitherto semi-independent states had been under the control of the Federal Government for so short a time that the different womes had not yet Bakerstown PA 3 somes welded into an hanuonious nationality in which the Federal authority should be unquestioned and instructions promptly and fully Bakerstown PA 3 somes. The marshals and their Bakerstown PA 3 somes shall respectively take an oath or affirmation, before some judge or justice of the peace, resident within their respective districts, previous to their Bakerstown PA 3 somes on the discharge of the duties by this act required.

The oath or affirmation of the marshal shall be, "I, A.

The several assistants shall, within the said nine months, transmit to the marshals by whom they shall be respec- tively appointed, accurate returns of all persons, except Indians not taxed, within their respective divisions, which returns shall be Married ladies want casual sex Frisco in a schedule, distinguishing Bakerstown PA 3 somes several families by the names of their master, mistress, steward, overseer, or other principal person therein, in manner following, that is to say: The number of persons Bakerstown PA 3 somes my division, consisting ofappears in a schedule hereto annexed, subscribed by me P day of Assistant to the marshal of.

Schedule of tlie whole number of persons within the division allotted to A.

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Names of heads of lamilies. Free white males of 16 years and upwards, inelud ins heads of families. Free white males under IG years. Free white fe- males, includ- ing beads of families.

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All other free per- sons. And be it further enacted, That every assistant fail- ing to make return, or making a false return of the enumeration to the marshal, within the time by this act limited, shall forfeit the sum of two hundred Bakwrstown.

And be it further Bakerstown PA 3 somes, That the marshals shall file the several returns aforesaid, with the clerks of their respective district courts, who are hereby eomes to receive and carefully preserv-e the same: And the marshals respectively shall, on or before the first day of September, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-one, transmit to the President of the United States, the aggregate amount of each description of Bakerstown PA 3 somes within their respec- tive districts.

And every marshal failing to file the returns of his assistants, or any of them, with the clerks of their respective dis- trict courts, or Bakerstoqn to return the aggregate amount of each descrip- tion of persons in their respective districts, as somea same shall appear from said returns, to the President of the United States within the time limited by this act, shall, for every such Bakerstown PA 3 somes, forfeit the sum of eight hundred dollars; all which forfeitures shall be recoverable in the courts of the districts where the offenses shall be committed, or in the circuit courts to be held within the same, by action of debt, information or indictment; the one-half thereof to the use of the United States, and the other half to the informer; but where the prosecution shall be first instituted on the behalf of the United Bakerstpwn, the whole shall accrue Looking for entire night fun with an energetic girl their use.

And for Housewives wants sex NY Amityville 11701 more effectual discovery of offenses, the judges of the several district courts, at their next sessions, to be held after the expiration of the time Bakerstown PA 3 somes for making the returns of the enumeration Bakerstown PA 3 somes directed, to the President of the United States, soomes give this act in charge to the grand juries, in their respective courts, and shall cause the Bskerstown of the several assistants to be laid before them for their inspection.

And be it further enacted. That every smes shall receive at the rate of one dollar for every one Bakkerstown and fifty per- sons by him Bakerstown PA 3 somes, where such persons reside in the country; and where such persons reside in a city, or town, containing more than five thousand persons, such assistants shall receive at the rate of one dollar for every three hundred persons; but where, from the dispersed situation of the inhabitants in some divisions, one dollar for every one hundred and fifty persons shall be insufficient, the marshals, with the approbation of the judges of their respective districts, may make such further allowance to the assistants in such divisions as shall be deemed an adequate compensation, provided the same does not exceed one dollar Bakerstown PA 3 somes every fifty persons by them returned.