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Antifa are Anarchists, they want no laws so they can do to others as they please.

Damn Housewives wants hot sex Toms Brook is beautiful. Wish I could help but I'm not good with the detective work nor do I have that kind of time.

Plus no antifa lives anywhere near me. You're doing God's work here guys. Lives with her family e3rd st brooklyn in kensington neighborhood of Brooklyn, Adut. He used to work at macrosoft in Adjlt, nj. She is not associated with this organization today, in the past and never will be. Keeping her name on this site is in direct violation of Hookers in India wv law.

The individual responsible for posting her name should remove this information immediately along with this sites administrator. I didn't know if they watns were gathering more information or jumbling up the catalog to bury discussions or cut off organic progressions.

These lists are likely just a collection of useful idiots that don't know anything more than "durr, drumpfh is bad. Antifa and Coafhella run organized as cells. The centralized locations and logs are highly likely a destraction filled with true-believers only however since they need Adult wants nsa Coachella give themselves the air of credibility.

What you've uncovered is likely because they want a Adult wants nsa Coachella but don't want to get hurt. So they use other people as their meat-puppets who would live and die for them. You've essentially Coacbella hit the barracks. You need to hit the officer's quarters. And now that they know you're coming, they're going to go into hiding at a different location "just to be safe.

This whole post is a serious tactical error. Trying to save Europe from the nigger invasion and were brought down by our own. Here's an old archive link to Beth's facebook profile https: This is infinitely that gone to bring them down. Man facebook profile's pictures names.

Take the mask off these faggots and they look like the kid who played with magic cards in high school. Someone should go through the entire list and calculate the percentage of women are in this group. This list is not complete I know an antifa used to run around with blac Adult wants nsa Coachella named cory malone or corey maloney something like that.

Biggest lel I've had all year. Since when was copying names Adult wants nsa Coachella of Facebook groups considered doxxing. My name isn't even on here, noone I know is on here. I've been antifa for ten years. Don't forget about this fag. If he can be spotted in any of the facebook profiles it would be awesome. I could see some of Coachela being coincidence, but with shit like jack meoff its a bit hard to believe.

I'll keep it in mind to post it later. The ones in AZ are most important right now, if they know they are doxxed they have a lower chance of attending the trump rally. AZ Adult wants nsa Coachella won't show up if they know they've been fully doxxed. Twitter just banned my best accounts for litteraly nothing. Now they demand a phone number to reactivate.

Lol, just before this gets happening I think I'm just going to start trolling alphabeticallylet's just savor this in light of the left's favorite modern slogan. Depends what country you are in.

If you're in the US, just buy a prepaid. Online you can get dodgy prepaids sent to you, I think a few of the sites in that tor site list are still active. Im going full opsec. This blatant response was an eye opener. My ip is tagged now. Probably not smart to post links here, but you can just buy Wahts, cost is around 25 euros or so and they'll throw in some extra sim cards.

Just checked and the market selling them is still accessible from the hidden wiki page. Will bet they recruit all of these kids from homeless shelters and foster homes. Sorry the sms services I know they are all clogged and the numbers have been used prior, there Adult wants nsa Coachella however some of them you can still buy an own number for for like a month and get it done though, but you have to pay with cc.

Sorry I don't remember the url anymore even. Also I'm not sure about this, but allegedly it should still work to open new accounts Adult wants nsa Coachella you don't use tor, but then automation detection kicks Adullt fast I bet. Man I had like a couple of hundred accounts, but they are all gone now. I got a ban like that before. All I said was that "I probably pissed someone off" and "I don't have a cellphone" and something like "I wont do it again".

It was pretty easy. Just use Wives want nsa Lander basic framework. I was Adulf it worked for me. If I recall I think I told some old democrat cat lady to kill herself.

Sex personals Montgomery was weird because I've said far worse. That's Adult wants nsa Coachella I said Adult wants nsa Coachella have to just buy one. For a while if you set up a gmail Adult wants nsa Coachella in private browser that was a workaround gmail accounts don't trip sms verification as easilybut they've patched that now, so the options are largely limited to having an Adult wants nsa Coachella handset.

It's kind of a local law question. I can just buy prepaids from the US and run them here without any drama provided I don't want to use it to send messages, etcbut if I buy one from a local store they need id which I don't want linked to a handset that relates to an GTKRWN twitter account. A taste of your own medicine bitches. You doxxed a couple of our guys, made them lose their jobs? You get your entire organisation BTFO.

Have fun hiding like Erica did, but you know it won't be long till cops break down your door and put you in for Adult wants nsa Coachella associated with a terror organisation. You thought you could bully people because of their Adult wants nsa Coachella and opinions.

Tables are now turned antifag bitches. There is no greater power than weaponised autism. I suspect the phone nr part is just a ruse. Said something about deleting tweets that broke twitter TOS. I wont get unbanned i wanys.

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They just want more doxx info. I actually wouldn't even bother getting a new sim anyway. No matter how kosher my accounts look I get zapped pretty much instantly now. Coaachella seriously Adutl to send this satanist piece of shit straight to hell with a fucking bullet to the head.

She really is atrocious. She is so self-absorbed and has become the quintessential metal elitist. She sold merch for Anal Adult wants nsa Coachella, ffs.

She is not open to any debate, she blocked multiple socks of mine trying to goad her. If you ever want to chuckle, check Adult wants nsa Coachella the Vice Kingston IL bi horny wives on Whiskey where various Vice staff drink different Coacehlla.

Holy hell, she was a train-wreck to begin with but those years of touring with bands and drinking have not been kind. She was near that car in Charlottsville. At first I thought she was playing it up but I did confirm she was there Adult wants nsa Coachella footage. Boy oh boy, the wrong commie got hit. If you want entertainment, call this fat fuck. He went absolutely mental. Hahaha, Addult did he nss That guy is the absolute worst feminist scum I have ever come across qants. I couldn't even begin to tell you all the shit he said.

I was laughing my balls off for the first 5 minutes, then he just wouldn't stop going on Adult wants nsa Coachella had to Adult wants nsa Coachella up. He definitely has some issues.

I have not wabts figured out anything about this place but i follow the Adult wants nsa Coachella posted on twitter.

I want to thank you all for this work. The pedophiles will be stopped Coacheloa time or the earth will be toast. Aww man, you have no idea. Praise be the gods, the family's name stay untarnished and the family brass stay proud. You guys put me on the list but little do you know I am not antifa, I am anti anti anti anti antifa.

Why is my name on the list? I didn't even know anything about antifa until I was contacted by a family member about my named on here…. I was on a list of dicks that people wanted to suck… This is the link…. What kind of worthless grab is that list? I think my lil bro scooped a bunch of facebook crap from his browse history. CCoachella what applies here I wonder, "Chat shit, get hit" surely? Why its what these people want to live by.

I hope their loss Cochella sleep is some comfort. Because its one of the last things they will end up experiencing. Hope this was all worth it Commie scum! This is the email list for a refuse fascism site, not a list of Anti-fa, a hacked site does not the anti fa make. She's "partners" with a Dave Strano of the John Brown gun club. They hand out guns to these kids before protests.

I'm Adult wants nsa Coachella sure that's illegal. Adult wants nsa Coachella know what I love about liberals on the internet, you can really wsnts how irrational and retarded they are when their words are frozen right in front of you like this.

And you are a childless loser, my bet is that you'll kill yourself at wats 40 because all you have is nothing. That's funny because how can you round up everybody without dying like a horde of zulus to a machine gun. Start mailing these cucks some Adylt packages. That guy Ted had the right idea. You made Nazi very broad so what if you accidentally say punched a retarded man who happened to be Aeult, would you call him a nazi or would you stand against your so called comrades and try to protect him.

Gee don't wabts group want to punch nazis? Who cares if he's retarded after all he's a nazi. You can always go to Realize that that we are earnest saying the saddest words of Tongue and Pen: Confirmed to have been present at Charlottesvile 2.

These people aren't exactly master criminals, are they? We need photos too. We Lonely older women wanting sex dating site a fucking database with all the dirt on each subject we can find. How hard is it to make a darnet site? Can you gpu mine a name, thelist. Was you ironically supporting antifa? Was you fucking stupid enough to do it with your real name? If so Darwin demands you pay for your retardedness.

Awww you think you are on twitter don't you? Guess what I think you should take a long deep breath Warsaw VA milf personals go outside maybe Adult wants nsa Coachella can be like one of your comrades and get run over.

Are you retarded or are you trying to make up for being a failure in your parent's eyes. Add this Adult wants nsa Coachella Caochella the listhttps: I'm noticing a lot of low quality bait being sprinkled in threads, and Adult dating geraldton wa of it is rife with genuinely retarded diction.

The whole college-educated liberal Coachrlla doesn't really seem to translate into actual literacy. This guy started a patreon account so people Adult wants nsa Coachella pay his bills for him while he goes out to organize violence….

Please get better with listing your members. I share a name with your member Laura Wolpert, and I found this out with a Google alert.

This list better not mess up my chances of getting Acult better job.

Blonde searching free fuck women As fuck from Newport to Grove Adult wants nsa Brinson Georgia Ladies want sex Chattaroy Wanting a man who wants. Browse thousands of horny local girls in Coachella, California looking for casual sex Celestina is interested in nsa sex with a nice, young man . You don't want to have phone numbers from girls on adult dating sites in your phone. Housewives seeking real sex San leon Texas , lonly wife seeking nsa singles, blonde woman looking sex hookers. Adult wants real sex Columbus Junction Iowa. Looking for a strong Domme hot lonely moms Coachella California.

This is not me. Here's Paul Stroud's dox. Adult wants nsa Coachella also a David Stroud from Adult wants nsa Coachella who Arult be related to either of these. David was a notorious pedo and furfag way back in the usenet days, had connections wannts commie groups and was ns with Perverted Justice funny how many of them were chomos, isn't it?

Wow, this is impressive anons. However, make sure to verify before acting. Unlike those fuckers, we don't want the Syr Syracuse New York girls looking for sex of innocents. Cochranville PA milf personals to use the Troll Portal Ruination guide.

That can already fuck their lives up pretty badly or at Adut scare them. Someone spread to cuckchan. But make sure you hide behind proxies, cause they range banned my region for doxxing the Logan James Smith faggot he's still being a complete fucktard on twitter, even after he got hacked Horny wives Paraguay lost his patreon.

Here add this to your list…and that's not a "doxx". I know this bitch. She eight years ago she told me to "get sants kike ass out of HER scene". The bitch hates Jews, won't even give them the time of day. She worships varg vikernes. I've seen her at shows for Nazis like Boyd rice. This was before antifa was cool. Of course there are lists… it's very naive to think otherwise.

It's only because of current political pressures that police and security services are held back from acting upon them. Oh man this is the cutest, most futile thing I've ever seen a neckbeard collective do. Y'all really think this is going to accomplish much besides a bunch of losers sending unsubstantiated death threats? Sorry nerdo-nazis, Antifa aren't as universally hated like you losers are. Nobody will get fired for being "outed" as Antifa or be ostracized by their friends and family, in fact they will probably get a parade because surprise: That's why we were glad when one of you morons botched it Adult wants nsa Coachella decided to kill Adult wants nsa Coachella of us; whenever you dumb-asses cry about us being violent we just need to point to the person you killed.

Also thanks for putting your faith in a dude nnsa a Jewish son-in-law. Did this fucker just use an emoji here? Go back to your normie shitholes on facebook faggot. I'm sorry, but Coachrlla happened to Eric Clanton and Logan Smith? What happened to all of your mainstream shilling for Killary and Bernie? Who's the one who take photos of them carrying Adult wants nsa Coachella Coachela because they are all pussies who don't know how to shoot?

Most of us aren't Nazis but just conservatives that are sick of your brainless progressiveness. Disagreeing with you doesn't make us a facist, even though that's what your gender studies professor may have told you. You faggots are the one getting destroyed every single time. New Jersey even declared you a terrorist group!

So fuck off back Cowchella your safe space on shitbook. And no, antifags aren't "universally loved. Your entire ideology makes no fuckin sense. Your belief is an oxymoron by wanfs.

No one loves you. Go run back to mommy and hope that she gives you some money jobless NEET. Remember anons, verify before attack.

We don't want the blood of innocents. We don't want to mistake a Adult wants nsa Coachella because we aren't brainless fucktards like the antifags.

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Said he was Adult wants nsa Coachella Texas to someone else. Sbabytravel partner naughty Indianapolis Indiana girl next time one of you plan on Ckachella someone with a bike lock, make sure that you are not want that list, or else we will find you. Having this list of names and thousands of us willing Adult wants nsa Coachella scrape the Internet of pictures of them, makes you extremely vulnerable, even with masks on.

Stop pretending that you are not scared of our capabilities. Mind that we do not represent the side of the political spectrum that demand to be provided for. We are the ones that ask Free online sex search aurora il be left alone. Your idea of who's weak, and who's strong is simply childish. Is there a by state list?

I missed the original pastebin. Would love to fuck with local Antifa fags. Further the lack Ault outcry about the racemixing cunt's death truly shows how worthless she was to everyone.

Not a single media company could be bothered to make a documentary about her life, wonder why that is? You're just tools for international capitalism, the best you Marxist fools can do would be China and there everyone's life is hsa worthless, except in the party but I doubt you'll make it into there unless you're a Jew.

The bucket of glue has been deleted, and I can't seem to get through to the specter bucket either. Can someone post it again? This is extremely common for new-ish accounts on Adulg. You should be able to fix it by emailing them and telling them you don't have a number. You must really be fuckin retarded. Seems to me that all of you Antifags CCoachella brainless.

We have a large list of you fuckers, but you don't know anyone here. Lurk more before shilling fag. She's a "weird, stripper thing" and a confirmed antifa member. Not sure which sect, but likely North Shore Antifa. Not all Adult wants nsa Coachella wears masks, look out for who was wante but was ignored by the doxxing efforts.

All antifas information is of potential interest. Antifas that Adult wants nsa Coachella not comitted serious crimes today. If the organizers of an event know who is supposed to be at a Wife wants casual sex Granite Quarry, that mean they can identify sloppy infiltrators and undercover police.

Antifas wznts has not comitted serious crimes today may be serious criminals in the near future and delete whatever they put online to make investigation difficult.

Do not bump you can also Looking to lick bbw pussy sage in the email field. Spoiler images this replaces the thumbnails of your images with question marks. Tel Chai, Israel F. Also on kikebook and twitter Dominique Malaquais: Children's Fantasy Writer Christine Adult wants nsa Coachella Gardening for Biodiversity Catherine Mann: Anderson Brooke Adult wants nsa Coachella Anderson S.

Futorian Sherrill Futrell Douglas Futuyma. You know, I don't get the whole controversy behind this. The Antifa retards went to the protest looking to "bash the fash" meaning they were purposely seeking out violence at a peaceful protest and then got promptly BTFO How is this a bad thing?

Don't play rough if you can't be tough. Gutierrez Sanin Robin Santhouse, Ph. Alkhalil Kaylyn Dere Sarah Jacobs. Closed profile privacy after election https: Obama struggles to work out America's age. The Second Continental Congress declared the Adult wants nsa Coachella of the U.

Here's what 'constitutional scholar' Obama really taught at law school. Among the lies about himself Obama consistently repeats is that he was a constitutional law professor. Obama was never a professor; he was a lecturer.

He did not have the qualifications to be a professor.

I Ready Sexual Partners Adult wants nsa Coachella

Obama never published a single law paper. He was hired by the University of Chicago when they learned he had been given a book contract on race and law directly after graduating from Harvard. Obama did not specialize in the Constitution. Divorced ladies seeking free porn cared about and taught only one subject: One course Adulh about race in the Constitution.

It is on this Adult wants nsa Coachella basis that he attempts to pawn himself off as a qants scholar.

/pol/ - Full list of antifa members.

Adult wants nsa Coachella Obama calls himself a constitutional law prof to imply that he loves the Constitution. Obama gives the lie to this himself.

Mark Penn, who owns a public relations firm handling communications for the Purcellville VA bi horny wives Obama Foundation, credited Obama with uttering the "stupidest thing ever said by a president in foreign policy. A key Hillary Clinton adviser told her that she may have to consider resigning as secretary of state after President Obama was caught telling Russia's president off-mic Adult wants nsa Coachella in that he could make more concessions on missile defense after November's U.

In addition, Mark Penn told Mrs. Obama's not-so-secret words "may be about the stupidest thing ever said by a president in Cowchella policy. But his most Adult wants nsa Coachella line came with relation to the Colorado Springs shooting outside the Planned Parenthood facility: Obama so invested in talking down to America, does he so despise the United States Adult wants nsa Coachella cannot conceive that terrible tragedies do in fact occur elsewhere around Adult wants nsa Coachella world?

Or when he is given a script does he not have the mental capacity to see beyond that script and realize how it does not apply to the real-world situation he finds himself in? Cloudy with a chance of mass murder. Obama's Top 8 Idiotic Statements in Paris.

While traveling in Paris, Obama dropped one rhetorical bombshell after another, all laced with toxic doses of ignorance and foolishness. Here are his top eight: According to Krauthammer, Obama's rhetoric reflects a idealistic and deluded Coachell and anything put forth will go nowhere because it would not make it through the U.

Senate, which has to ratify treaties. What is his IQ? The "unbiased" but clearly in-the-tank for Obama "historian" Beschloss thinks Obama is the "smartest guy ever to become president.

The SAT scores Obama won't release. The college Adult wants nsa Coachella from Occidental College that Obama won't release. The transcripts from Columbia that Obama won't release. Any existing IQ scores that Obama won't release. Obama Is Our Smartest President? The incompetence of our neo-monarchy.

So, if I follow correctly, the smartest president ever is not smart enough to ensure that his website works; he's not smart enough to inquire of others as to whether his website works; he's not smart enough to check that his website works before he goes out and tells people what a great website experience they're in Coacbella.

But Women looking sex Argentine is smart enough to know that he's not stupid enough to go around bragging about how well it works if he'd already been informed that it Adylt work. So he's smart enough to know that if he'd known what he didn't know he'd know enough not to let it be known oCachella he knew nothing.

The country's in the Single ladies in Parksley Virginia best of hands. The Bottomless Ignorance of Barack Obama.

Liberals have gushed from the beginning on how brilliant Barack Obama is, and point from time to time to the fact that he was a Adult wants nsa Coachella of constitutional law! Our Bitter and Graceless President. We all know people of towering arrogance and we all know people of staggering incompetence, but Barack Obama is quite possibly the perfect package. We might show a touch of self-reflection. Coacchella we would at least resist the temptation to lecture others.

In his press conference in Turkey earlier this week, the president was prickly, petulant, condescending and small-minded. Obama's Disastrous Press Conference. Obama is] a remarkable man, in all the wrong ways. Aduot is the apotheosis of progressivism, the avatar and godling Adult wants nsa Coachella is the living embodiment of all their cowardices, lies, hypocrisies, self-flatteries, and stupidities.

Obama is the ultimate exemplar of this fiction. In desperate times, deception destroys. Adult wants nsa Coachella circles of recovery it's sometimes referred to as "the gift of desperation," that moment when Adult wants nsa Zapata becomes crystal clear to an addict that a change must be made, that returning to the old ways is simply not an option anymore.

Addult can he be that clueless? Press says Obama flopped on '60 Minutes'. In response to Looking for an good Roswell relationship about what it he thinks for the United States to be global leader, and how he intends to respond Putin's moves in the Middle East, the president said, "My definition of leadership would be leading on climate change, an international accord that potentially we'll get in Paris.

My definition of leadership is mobilizing wantw entire world community to make sure that Iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon. Obama is apparently doing everything he can to provide Iran with nuclear weapons, while claiming the opposite. And when asked about Russia advancing in the Middle East, he started blithering about global warming.

The man is a simpleton. Barack Obama cut a deal with Iran to supposedly stop it from getting nukes. Setting Indian sex Frederick Maryland the fact that it doesn't do that, Iran is holding four American hostages.

Obama didn't even bother to demand that they be freed before he began releasing billions of dollars to Iran. He also allowed Iran to inspect its own nuclear sites. We think Iran is working on nuclear weapons; so to prove that it's not, we're going to let Iran inspect Adult wants nsa Coachella own sites and say, "Nope, there's certainly nothing nefarious going on here. Take our word for it, Great Satan! Is there ever a good time for that? Obama is determined to fight his gun control Jihad and attempted to exploit the racist murder of two white reporters by Big booty Seattle mature women dating online his own political agenda in the dumbest way possible.

Is Obama Stupid, Or Evil? Is Obama just a moron, an incompetent, Coachellla fool, a nitwit as the country falls apart around him? Or is he destroying the USA on purpose because he is evil? The oaf of office: President Obama takes question from 'Davy Crockett' during Tennessee town hall event, asks him where his beaver cap is. The man introduced himself as Davy Crockett at the town hall session before asking the President a question. That's a cool name! But you don't have that beaver Sweet housewives wants sex tonight Sherbrooke What kind of a moron makes fun of somebody else's name and then starts singing about it?

Anyone over the age of ten Coachhella know better. Obama and the Black Intellectualoids. Barack Obama owes his position to his membership in a class that is destroying America: I believe that Obama is a fundamentally slothful person, wans an intellect to match, who has been nsw to hide this vice from everyday people because of Ivy League pageantry.

He is an example of an "intellectualoid," Executive in Wheeling tonight with the general appearance of a man or woman of deep learning, but lacking the breadth of knowledge and depth Asult reason to generate new ideas of utility and nssa. Self-Invention Jumps the Shark. Pretending to be something one is not for social and Coachela advantage is fairly common. We have now, for example, a president who duped the elite opinion makers into thinking he was a Adult wants nsa Coachella, though there's never been evidence of that, and he refuses to ever release his academic records.

Hidden from the public by Dean Erwin Griswold was the fact that Adlai had actually flunked out of Harvard Law School which, had it been known, would have made clear that Eisenhower, the successful Allied commander, was the more capable leader. Obama arrived in office without any strategy and has spent the last six and a half years "muddling Coachellla as the British say. He and the Democratic Adult wants nsa Coachella had only one goal; to win the elections. After that, they wanted to "fundamentally transform" the greatest nation on planet Earth.

They have largely made a mess out of everything they touched from ObamaCare to Common Core. The Goldberg interview with Obama reads like a conversation with an idiot.

Actually make that two idiots, both of whom are also compulsive liars. Yes, Obama is a clumsy public speaker; but that's not the problem, nor is it worth spending much time on. The problem is that Obama Adult dating Kelkheim to make mistakes that stem from a worldview often at odds with reality.

They serve as a window into the mind of a president who acts as if a history of the world before yesterday could fit on a postcard. Bad news for the Choom Gang: A study more than thirty years in the West Valley City ga singles found that smoking marijuana permanently lowers intelligence, or IQ.

Frequent pot smokers even those who had given up marijuana tended to have deficits in memory, concentration, and dants IQ. An eight point reduction in IQ is enough to have a significant, negative impact upon your life. He was at the U. Without a doubt Adult wants nsa Coachella single stupidest remark about foreign policy ever uttered by a president of the United States.

He continues to say no balance of power can ever endure and he went on to say that no alliance based on the divisions of the Cold War, the obsolete divisions of the Cold War, makes any sense in this eants. President Obama is a genius, or so we are told. We have nothing on which to base that except Coachellaa word of people who would find a way to praise him if he held a press conference while throwing live puppies into Adult wants nsa Coachella wood chipper. So forgive me if I don't swallow the hook on that line.

Regular pot smokers have shrunken brains, study says. Experimental mice have been Adult wants nsa Coachella us this for years, but pot-smoking humans didn't want to believe it could happen to them: Compared with a person who never smoked marijuana, someone who uses marijuana regularly has, on average, less gray matter in his orbital frontal cortex, a region that is a key node in the brain's reward, motivation, decision-making and addictive behaviors network.

The quintessential question of Watergate was "what did the President know and when did he Coachellla it? At least not until, like smuggling weapons to druglords, bugging journalists, IRSing his political enemies and killing vets, his right hand found out about what his left hand was doing from the morning paper.

What sets Obama apart is his Coachellz rigidity and fathomless ignorance. Serious people feel an obligation to listen whenever Barack Adult wants nsa Coachella speaks. They furrow their brow and hold their chin and parse every word. Dants assume that most everything a president says Adult wants nsa Coachella significant, Adult wants nsa Coachella is true. They assume that what's significant must also be well-informed.


The Affirmative Action President. He doesn't know anything going on in his own administration.

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Barack Obama's greatly overrated intellect President Obama's problem is not just inexperience or the fact that he'd rather play golf or basketball than sit in his office and make difficult decisions. There is a lot of evidence (presented below) that he's just not terribly bright. Ourtime is the fastest growing site for singles over Start for free today!

He is always the last to know. He learns important developments only when he reads about it in the newspaper, apparently after first reading the sports section. But Obama is keenly interested in basketball. He has turned his NCAA championship "brackets" predictions chart into a presidential event. He is into music, movies, culture. Obama is the "Pop Culture President. Obama knows who is up for Academy Awards.

He gets his news from Entertainment Tonight. Infatuated with the New Deal. He couldn't be that oblivious. Barack Obama blunders again on the world Adult wants nsa Coachella. Bush when he was in the White House. Obama's first term was littered with foreign policy gaffes, and there is every chance the second term will be more of the same. The ill Housewives wants real sex Lead blowing past Benghazi.

The president himself is in Southeast Asia, mispronouncing the names of Adult wants nsa Coachella he meets, and trying to play kissyface with Aung San Suu Kyi, the heroic woman who led the struggle to free Burma from the grip of evil generals. In the photographs, the lady is trying to keep her mouth out of the way of Mr. The president was just being friendly, but she doesn't look as if she's enjoying herself. No bows this time, but he did grab an awkward kiss.

For someone alleged to have grown up in Asia, Barack Obama is repeatedly clueless about customs there. It's one thing if you're a tourist. But as the president of the United States? There are so many things wrong with this. For a president who has actually done some good things in terms of education Adult wants nsa Coachella, he's really struggling to construct a basic sentence.

Even with the limitations imposed by Twitter, President Obama still could have spelled out "the. White House refers to 'Santa Adult wants nsa Coachella twice.

Is President Obama lazy? Supporters tout his intelligence, yet nothing historical shows Obama as intellectually curious. Why the Obamas Really lost their law licenses. Adult wants nsa Coachella Obama passed the bar exam Speed Dating in Little cedar Iowa Illinois but never worked in a big firm because no firm would hire him.

He wanted to work for Sidley Austin where Michelle worked and he performed a summer internship there, but he was not offered a job there when he graduated from Harvard.

Ladies wants nsa Friendly I Wanting Sex Hookers

That is extremely unusual because Sidley Austin tries to snatch up as many black Ivy League graduates as it can get to constantly up its "diversity" profile. It's bizarre that they didn't offer Obama a job Sidley Austin knew Barack was lazy and benefitted from constant affirmative action preferential treatment, and they didn't want to carry Coafhella along like that here in Chicago at their firm. The president really does believe that at some mythical date the capitalists and profit mongers have no choice but to get back to work and make tons of money, and that the resulting increased revenue will pay off the debt without cuts or hardship.

Therefore, he genuinely thought in that the stimulus would lead to the summer of recovery. No, Lenin was competent in an evil sort Adult wants nsa Coachella way.

Obama is more like Leonid Brezhnev: How about a Low Information President? There is a real possibility, a strong likelihood, that President Obama knows nothing of the nuts and bolts, the details qants realities of the positions he promotes. Celebrity is the accomplishment oCachella, and adoration is the metric.

Obama's insults expose his ignorance and mental laziness. My theory about people who put Adult wants nsa Coachella other people is that they're deeply insecure. They think they can build themselves up by putting other people down. So Bammy, how's that sequester temper tantrum working out for nss You're a Adult wants nsa Coachella punchline after closing the White House tours and frankly should be facing impeachment for unleashing dangerous criminal illegals out onto the streets in a cheap, cynical political ploy.

Good forget about it fucking Barack Obama doesn't know the Adult wants nsa Coachella of a firearm from a hole in the ground. In President Obama's State of the Union Address this February, he cited current inclement weather to argue for renewed efforts to implement some type of cap-and-trade taxes and to grant more subsidies of "sustainable energy" e.

Adult wants nsa Coachella can choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy, and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen, were all just a freak coincidence.

Barack Obama, the Great Bystander. Obama didn't know the IRS was targeting conservatives until he read it in the papers. He didn't know about "Fast and Furious" until he read it in Olivia mature pron papers, too.

He has Adult wants nsa Coachella confidence" in Holder, and didn't know about the decision to collect the Coachellla records of reporters. He told Letterman during the election he didn't know what the national debt was. He said he didn't know oCachella bad the economic crisis was when he took office. Obama flubs name of Oklahoma city devastated by tornado, calls it 'Monroe'. All he knows how to do is make speeches, and he can't even do that right. But meanwhile, the core of al Qaeda, its aims and its beliefs, is also on the path to Boston and London and any number of other places.

This incident Coachellaa itself doesn't prove that Mr. Obama is a dimwit, but it does show one of Adult wants nsa Coachella similar things: Either A he is so completely out of touch with the current events in his own country i. But B would require A to be true as well, unless he is unable to say anything that contracdicts the teleprompter. In either case, he is unfit for politics.

Barack Obama's big oops moment at G8 summit. The US president said three times that he agreed fully with "Jeffrey" during his presentation on G8 host Britain's plans to crack down on tax avoidance, leaving Osborne red-faced. President Obama told a German audience today that Casual encounters Llanymynech U.

Of course, that leaves aside the propriety of lambasting the people you lead while representing them in a foreign country. But it's a strange point for him, of all people, to make. After all, Obama has no demonstrated facility for or, indeed, interest in foreign languages.

The self-proclaimed "citizen of the world" has conceded that he speaks Adult wants nsa Coachella foreign languages. Barack Obama is turning into a one-man gaffe Lesbian fuck buddy El Cajon. The real Jeffrey Osborne was excited to hear about the mishap, and George Osborne was gracious about it. Obama hits a wall in Berlin. But, amazingly, such stuff is put on his teleprompter and, even more amazing, he reads it aloud.

Neither the people who wrote those words nor he who spoke them can be Adult wants nsa Coachella seriously. Coxchella rotten road trip. First he mistook Britain's chancellor of the exchequer for a soul singer, calling him Jeffrey Osborne instead of George. Then he explained to Cpachella audience in sectarian Belfast that, in the interests of religious harmony, Catholics ought not to have their own schools.

Finally, sweating in the hot sun and without his TelePrompTer, he stumbled through a nearly incoherent speech at the Brandenburg Gate that almost nobody attended. President Obama hailed hard-core communist revolutionary Ho Chi Minh Fuck sluts in Hyndman as a pretty open guy who was actually inspired by the Founders.

The pair held joint remarks in the Oval Office afterward. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the words of Thomas Jefferson. From time to time, we have noted President Obama's lack of knowledge about American history. It is, in any event, not accidental. Few comparisons have been as odious as the one offered by the president linking one of the great mass murderers of history to one of America's Adult wants nsa Coachella Fathers and authors of our liberty.

President Obama calls the United States and Europe 'developing countries'. Bush had referred to the United States as well as its European allies as "developing countries. President Obama tells comedian Jay Leno that "We don't have a domestic spying program. Obama also says the U. The president tells Leno, "The odds of dying in a terrorist attack are a lot lower than they are of dying in a car accident, unfortunately. Great Orator Gaffes Again. Does the president really wish more Americans were killed in terrorist attacks?

Indeed, orders of magnitude more, since nationwide traffic fatalities typically run between 30, and 50, Adult wants nsa Coachella year? He Caochella one of the Soviet Comintern's Adult wants nsa Coachella successful agents.

Among the testimonies to his efforts are the countless boat people from Vietnam who now live in America many of whom voted for Obama.

But not only is Obama's statement nonsense; it's also the product of communist propaganda. Obama can't remember Dr. Jill Biden's name Adult wants nsa Coachella where the Gulf of Mexico is.

Bush meant in a moment of misspeaking, right? Were Adult looking sex tonight Beason Illinois a Republican, these gaffes would have led news coverage for the next forty-eight hours. Not only did most of the media ignore or downplay these gaffes; the Associated Press went so far as to cover one of them up. Obama Flubs Adult wants nsa Coachella of Buffalo's Name. Somebody should tell President Obama to forget the folksy metaphors.

The prez sounds phony mouthing them, and since they are unfamiliar to him, he's apt to get them wrong. As was Adult wants nsa Coachella case at today's townhall at Binghamton University, when Obama claimed that reducing spending on government programs would be "like eating your corn seed. The Buck Stops Here. This is more proof that Barack H. Obama can't get a subject and verb to agree, either verbally or in print.

Obama, Adilt First Lord of the Admiralty. Our entertainment tonight is the comic Commander who doesn't know a deep-water port from a riverbank, Hot lonely Iowa City Atlantic seaboard from the Gulf of Mexico, has never encountered a U.

Navy corpsman, instead refers to one as a "corpseman", can't distinguish the living from the dead on Memorial Day, thinks a handshake is as good as a salute, uses wantts U. Marine as a personal valet in a rain shower, and who believes Hawaii is in Asia.

Lies or stupidity's got Obama's tongue. And once said on national television that he was of the "Muslim faith," until Democrat Kool-Aid drinker George Stephanopoulos had to remind him that he is a Christian.

Coacuella he was trying to sell a Adult wants nsa Coachella he said he was born in Kenya, and when he was running for president he said he was born in the U. Obama has said, among other things, that kidney problems require patients to have "Breathalyzers," that the United States built the "intercontinental" railroad, and that if every motorist would just properly inflate their tires, the energy crisis would be over.

I mean no disrespect to the president or his admirers, but where is the proof that he is "brilliant? This kind of gibberish is a big reason voters have so little faith in their public officials these days. GOP just doesn't like Obama. Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in the U. House, seems to believe that Republicans don't like President Obama because they're jealous. He thinks in a strategic way in how to get something done Judge Jeanine Humiliates Obama: Judge Jeanine outright mocked Obama, and his "cheerleader" Nancy Pelosi on a variety of issues on her FOX News show Saturday, specifically, Pelosi's slobbering affirmations of Obama's so-called "brilliance.

Obama's Shutdown and Public Choice Theory. More and Columbia horney women Krun girl talking and fucking sexy, as we Americans trudge through the mire of the Obama years, we have to ask if the president is just plain ignorant. The ObamaCare Black Hole. One thing that the past few weeks have accomplished is the total destruction of Obama's "towering intellect" persona.

This is one the standard lenses through which Obama is viewed, with differing Adu,t complimentary angles from each end of the spectrum: He has no known Thailand free porn personals or interests of an intellectual nature.

President Obama Adult wants nsa Coachella shown an alarming tendency to be unaware of most everything. To begin with, he was Adult wants nsa Coachella that the NSA was spying on world leaders until he read about it in the papers. How to explain this contradiction? Well, Obama was probably unaware of what Obamacare would do also. I doubt if anyone in the White House is really that stupid. Obama has to be lying when he says he is unaware of all the scandals surrounding his administration.

Obama seems quite proud to make those claims, apparently believing his willful ignorance will protect him from the inevitable fallout. The media in panic that Obama is the 'nowhere man sitting in his nowhere land'. The media is concerned that President Obama looks detached, aloof and any other word synonymous to disconnected. They don't understand how the smartest man to ever take the oath knows so little of what is going on Adult wants nsa Coachella him.

Too smart to be President. Is that really Barack Obama's problem? Mika Brzezinski thinks so. Adult wants nsa Coachella Most Dangerous Coacjella Morons. Have you ever noticed how many of these "really smart" people there are in government? It's a magnet for morons, and it seems every [last] one of them is portrayed by the media as a genius in his own right.

Yet, they never seem to be able to do anything but make things worse, and usually much worse. These are America's morons and Barry is their leader. A dangerous moron, however, is all arrogance and bluster, always convinced that every one of his incompetent actions and the inevitable results, are actually brilliant successes and if not, somebody else's fault.

Dangerous morons hate to admit they were wrong. They are also incapable of feeling shame Adult wants nsa Coachella guilt. Maybe Barack Obama is just inferior. Obama's story of failure is his ideology, not race.

He has terrible ideas, and he implements those terrible ideas terribly. What other word describes a man not good at anything?

Those praising his campaigning abilities require clarification. What other word describes a man not good at anything that matters? One of the books on Chappaquiddick describes how the Kennedy brain trust gathered at the family compound in Hyannis Port Adult wants nsa Coachella plot a strategy to salvage Ted Kennedy's career.

One person conspicuously absent Adult wants nsa Coachella the conclave was Teddy himself. Adult wants nsa Coachella was on the beach, flying a kite. The family's advisers considered him too stupid to make any contribution to saving his own skin.

Is that how senior Adult wants nsa Coachella of Obama's administration treat him? Is he considered a useless fifth wheel? Obama's Slow Learning Curve. Much of the controversy concerns the propriety of the president's declining to enforce a duly enacted law bearing his signature whose constitutionality he does not doubt, and whether insurance Adult wants nsa Coachella will be able to abruptly change course after three years of preparing to comply with their elaborate and interwoven legal obligations under Obamacare.

But perhaps the president's Coachhella astonishing statement involved an insouciant confession of ignorance. Returning to a common but under-appreciated motif of his presidency, Obama remarked: What if It's All True? Things that were once possibilities now seem almost certainties to me.

They probably also reveal academic mediocrity, Aduly that's par for the course for many of our politicians except it becomes embarrassing in Obama's case where he has the reputation nda being brilliant. Obama Is Too Smart to Fail. Adult wants nsa Coachella makes Obama a genius? It's not his IQ. It's probably not his grades or we would have seen them already.

It's that he makes his supporters feel smart. The perception of intelligence is really a reflection. Obama's intelligence was manufactured by pandering to the biases and tastes of his supporters. The more he shared their biases and tastes, the smarter he Coache,la to be and Adult wants nsa Coachella smarter CCoachella felt by having so much in common with such a smart man.

Whatever else the Columbia? This might be half the reason why nobody really blinked when, last year around election time, the Commander-in-Chief remarked to Jay Leno as follows: Isn't it about time we found out?

President Obama seems completely unaware of how many of the policies he is trying to impose have been tried before, in many times and places around the world, CCoachella have failed time and again. Is Obama Stupid and Lazy? Why Obama nnsa Uneducated. Barack Obama as educated man. If we were to mention, again, that he thought "Austrian" was spoken in Austria, pronounced "corpsman" "corpse-man" three times in one speech or Coachellaa he called the "transcontinental" railroad the "intercontinental" one Amtrak to Bangkok, anyone?

It was all anti-American, anti-Western isms and destructive Blondes search free adult chat. This brings us to Obama's mind-numbingly ridiculous description of his campaign travels: On the eve of the Netanyahu visit to Washington, President Obama gave a lengthy interview to Jeffrey Goldberg that shows a chief executive who has learned next to nothing about the world in his five years in office.

First, kudos to Goldberg: Goldberg pushed Obama hard, especially on Iran and Syria. Obama isn't good off the cuff, especially when challenged; he is far better with a prepared dants.

And what emerged is an awful portrait of the president Adult wants nsa Coachella his conception of the world. Obama flubs spelling of 'respect'.

R-S-P-E-C-T meant to her," Obama said, pausing briefly before the audience began laughing, apparently realizing his mistake. Imagine the press reaction if Aeult Bush had done this while attempting to be hip and cool. WH transcript scrubs Obama's botched 'respect' misspelling. The White House stenographer appears to have given President Obama a little too much "respect. In Coschella version, the president correctly spells out the word. Obama botches Coachellla of Beautiful adult seeking flirt Bangor while lauding Aretha Franklin.

Obama paid tribute to Franklin for turning her signature song "Respect" into "a rallying cry for African-Americans, women and then everyone who felt marginalized. Find out what it means for Obama. Three pool reporters at the event heard the Adult wants nsa Coachella misspell the word, and verified it on audio recordings.

But the White House's official transcript of the event portrayed Mr. Obama as Adult wants nsa Coachella the word correctly.

Too busy to be president. Conservatives had this guy figured out early in the first campaign, and they were spot on. No record, no experience, no consistency, no integrity, no background, no evidence of Adult wants nsa Coachella, no normal friends or associates, and no supporters who cared more about their country than about their silly self-congratulation over electing the first black man who seemed just like them: If we assume that the president Adult wants nsa Coachella even half as smart as we've been Coachlla he is, Married cougar a anal queen wanted would still make him the smartest person ever to live, you'd think he would have picked up some skills along the way, or gained some firsthand experience that might come in handy.

Obama Admits He's 'Technologically Challenged'. Speaking at a White House screening of the new movie "Cesar Chavez" today, President Obama told the audience he couldn't stay to watch, but that he would get a copy on a "CD. Helpless without a teleprompter. Deep Thoughts by Barack Obama. Obama's deep thoughts Sexy yesica Amsterdam a useful purpose.

It's Adult wants nsa Coachella to think seriously about weakness. Weakness takes many forms. Weakness doesn't get much weaker than this.

In fact the country has been on the path to membership since Obama is Bursting the Left's Bubbles. This is the secret of Obama's appeal, and the explanation of the long-pondered mystery of what he's really up to, what his actual goal is. The truth is, there is no goal. Or rather, the goal, the plan, involves Adult wants nsa Coachella lighting up all those Any Pointe Claire girls looking for a great guy and chilly bubbles abiding in major urban areas, college towns, and fringes along each coast.

That is the ultimate goal, and there is nothing coherent or comprehensible beyond it. A fundamentally stupid man, one who time and again has demonstrated complete lack of understanding of the world as it exists, Obama is as enrapt with illusion as his followers. Oh, I'll grant him a kind of feral cleverness, but any con artist has that. Obama exists in his own bubble, in no way more valid than that of any other American leftist.

He's never released any of Adult wants nsa Coachella transcripts, and we still have no idea on what basis Adult wants nsa Coachella was admitted to Nda, Columbia and Harvard. Further, if he were as smart Adult wants nsa Coachella his fawning admirers in academe and Clark Pennsylvania webcam sex media would have us believe, wouldn't his performance as president reflect that?

To take even the simplest Adult wants nsa Coachella, his ability or lack of it to speak extemporaneously is almost nil, except in the crudest colloquial way: Barack Obama at least pretended to believe it.

Obama's lack of basic motor skills was on display Monday evening at a Little League game in Washington, D. He looked like he was trying to shot put a hacky sack, or something. Superstition is the religion of weak minds. The ritual started in earnest last fall in the midst of na biggest humiliation of Barack Obama's presidency, the failure of the health care website.

Anytime he heard a sliver of good news, the president reacted the same way: He knocked on the polished cherry wood table in the Roosevelt Room. It's a small thing, almost a nervous tic, but Obama's habit of knocking on wood during Obamacare meetings had become notable, something that close advisers talked and even joked about among themselves. President Obama said today he would not apologize for the controversial trade of five Guantanamo detainees for the release of Sgt.

Bowe Bergdahl as criticism of the deal continued to grow among Horny slut in Montgomery in Washington, D. For an allegedly well-educated man, Obama's English is atrocious. Is Obama Evil or Stupid? In all of these cases, Bill reminds us that Obama is ignorant and is just as mad as you are.

In every case one must ultimately ask, is Obama stupid or Adult wants nsa Coachella Obama's being pretty stupid for a smart guy. It was stupid to push Concert date nite and job-killing measures in the face of serious underemployment.

The one thing he's done that showed any brains was to time the most odious parts of his health care fiasco to detonate after he won re-election. Adult wants nsa Coachella now, in what was once his patented realm of pure theatre, he's turned out Adult wants nsa Coachella be stupid, too. Many of President Obama's foreign policy failures are the product of his badly misguided ideology. But some flow simply from his inability to understand how the world works.

It's time to ask: Is our president functionally a moron? Why is the idiot king more interested in toppling Assad than in helping Iraq's Adult wants nsa Coachella survive? Besides the fact that he's the idiot king?

Is Obama Just a Hapless Putz? Many people on the right Adult wants nsa Coachella Obama is an Evil Leftist Genius. I think he is a hapless putz.

I think his ideas are all wrong, his application of his ideas is incompetent, and the chaos that he causes with his wrongness and incompetence will not lead in the direction he thinks it will.

I think when the history of the 21st century is written, Obama will not merit more than a single line. Even the fact that he was the first black president may come to seem irrelevant Ladies seeking sex tonight TX Eden 76837 a couple of decades. In which case, he will not merit any line at all. The guy is just a sad little schmuck who played cynical politics well and got promoted way above his competence.

In the White House things are viewed through the peculiar prism distorted by the incumbent's view of himself. He's so big in his mind that it blots out the sun and he never sees the hit Adult wants nsa Coachella. Obama is like a championship chess player, always several moves ahead of friend and foe alike," Gary Kasparov merely replied "allow me to disagree". For his first term and re-election, ideological differences dominated the debate surrounding President Obama.

Barack Obama's greatly overrated intellect

But while these partisan debates continue to swirl around the president, in the past year it has become clear that Obama is not only to the left of most Americans, he is completely out of his depth as President. In short, his lack of plain, managerial competency, and that of his administration, has manifested itself with a vengeance. His recent interview Adlt The Economist brings into stark relief Obama's fundamental lack of understanding of the art of governing and how America's federal system operates.

In this interview, Obama expounds on his frustration that Addult keeps lobbying for special treatment. Can he really be that obtuse? It is a mind-boggling comment. Watch him pause, grimace and sweat in distress as he sees the word coming, knowing that he has no Frostburg PA bi horney housewifes how to pronounce it.

Over five years in office, and the Commander-in-Chief still doesn't know Adult wants nsa Coachella to pronounce all his military titles. Both are well Adult wants nsa Coachella and reasonably smart, but not remarkably intelligent. Nicholas Coacuella an absolute monarch, so while his intellectual limitations are apparent, nobody dares mention them.

Obama supposedly is always the smartest man in the room, yet proof is wanting. Obama's college and law school grades, while probably not bad, also won't demonstrate genius, Adult wants nsa Coachella remain sealed.

But he is no dummy, has impressive rhetorical skills, Adult wants nsa Coachella this combined with other positive political characteristics leads his supporters to exaggerate his intellect. Obama has been variously called wwnts his detractors a "manchild," a "dufus," a "clown," a "playboy" eants suchlike disparagements, ridiculed or deplored as someone who is far out of his depth and manifestly unfit for the presidency.

These critics cite as evidence for their assessment of Obama's callowness his oft-reported gaffes betokening a poorly educated lightweight e. His bungling incompetence is 30134 milf pix explained by his lack of watns gravitashis hankering for distraction and wantts at the expense of the serious deliberation required by Adult wants nsa Coachella job.

The event is closed to the press.

Seeking Private Sex

nss However, the administration appears to have forgotten that Modi Adult wants nsa Coachella in the middle of carrying out a religious fast in observance of the Hindu navratri, in which the faithful abstain from food, according to reports. Desperately Seeking a Weaker United States.

Moreover, while nuclear weapons can be found in nations like North Adult wants nsa Coachella, a self-declared enemy of the U. Iran is intent on creating its own nuclear capability, the U. He has already announced that the U. Another weird Obama pronunciation. What on earth is an ohbee-guynee? For the president's benefit, let me specify that means a doctor who delivers babies and takes care of the lady parts. When President Obama announced the departure of Eric Holder from his position as attorney watns, he also mentioned his "good wanrs the AG's wife, Dr.

Sharon Malone, and he called her an "ohbee-guynee. Obama hasn't qants up with one original idea yet. That was beside the point. The issue isn't the weight or color of his suit. The issue is that the suit is empty. With almost six years of the Obama administration under our collective belts, the time has come to acknowledge a painful truth: This is an astoundingly idea-free presidency. With Obama, take your pick. Obama repeatedly says things he knows are false, or he is completely unable to comprehend information to discern the truth.

There is no third option. Now, a rattled Obama and Biden need help explaining what they really mean. Remember, Obama was supposed to be the golden-tongued orator whose Ault would woo the masses oCachella hold back the tides of time.

As long as he could rely on a Adult wants nsa Coachella, that was true for a while. Now, his mis-steps with those of Pancho Biden resemble circus clowns running into each other. Biden has said so many stupid Adklt so often, you'd think he should have been replaced in For example, what accomplishments led anyone to believe that Adult wants nsa Coachella Obama was ready to be President Adult wants nsa Coachella that the Democrat Party's assumed candidate inHillary Clinton, is up to the job?

Neither of them are stunning intellects. Coachlela have led particularly accomplished lives given the gravitas of the presidency. Neither of them seem to be extraordinarily gifted at anything.

If either of them were unknown, it seems unlikely that they could successfully run their own small businesses or work their way up through the ranks of a corporation. In other words, they're both Paris Hiltons of Adult wants nsa Coachella who are famous for Adilt famous. Ever get the feeling that you're being spoken to like you're a child when listening to a speech from President Obama? You may be onto something. Obama's Biggest Fail Yet. Quite the contrary actually.

And that's what he picked versus being the greatest racial uniter since Abraham Lincoln. Even if it was explained to him, he wouldn't understand how badly he blew his opportunity. The Sayings of Barack Obama. Adukt Obama's Ebola Psychosis. To c from s i still love you it's a day ending in a "y," Obama is telling lies.

This is the man who said there is "not even a smidgen of nxa at the IRS, "if you like your health care plan, you Beautiful housewives ready nsa Fort Smith keep it," "transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency," and "we revealed to the American people exactly what we understood at the time" about the Benghazi saga.

Should we be soothed by the easy prose of the Cooachella, cocky, know-it-all Adult wants nsa Coachella organizer who celebrates "Cinco de Quatro" and who thinks "Austrian" is a language, or should we pay Cpachella attention to the actions of Adult wants nsa Coachella medical professionals dressed up in heavy hazmat suits that look like astronaut gear? Democratic policy star, Ivy League elitist, and ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber thinks Americans Ladies want sex IN Mooreland 47360 too stupid to understand the "Cadillac Tax" and much else Aduly.

Given that Obama decreed that ObamaCare was to Adut constructed by Gruber, who has said on several occasions e. It's not very gentlemanly to form your namesake Adult wants nsa Coachella together with a guy who's wont to call everybody else stupid, when, at the same time, you've refused to reveal academic data other presidents even those with bad grades have willingly disclosed. It sna President Obama didn't learn his lesson after the outrage in Beijing earlier this week over his Coacheloa chewing at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

Adult wants nsa Coachella the G20 summit got underway in Brisbane today, the president was once again spotted smacking gum as he chatted with British Prime Minister David Cameron at the first plenary session.

Obama Fumble Easy Question on Precedent. President Obama completely fumbles when George Stephanopolous asks him how he'd respond if wahts future president takes the same action on taxes that Obama has taken on immigration. Incredibly, Obama responds as Adult wants nsa Coachella he'd never heard or thought of this Single housewives looking real sex Tyler before, stumbling blindly along immigration talking points without answering the actual question.

Barack Obama, Student of History? Many people think that Obama has refused to release his college transcripts because his grades were poor or at least not consistent with his supporters' claims of genius. I'm guessing it is less Obama's grades, and more his Adult wants nsa Coachella of courses that is problematic. Evidence suggests that even good students leave college with less knowledge of history than on entrance. Perhaps this afflicted Obama. Obama Proposes a Law that Already Exists.

President Barack Obama shamed Congress in his State of the Union address on Tuesday night to pass legislation that Aduly exists. Apparently not briefed by his secretary of labor and attorney Hot woman wants sex Gillam, Obama announced: Obama's happy talk is contradicted by reality.

Don't feel ashamed if President Obama's State of the Union address seemed bewildering. This might explain quite a bit. Barack Obama is really, really Virden IL sexy women. I know, because he told me so during his State of the Union address. Our president is especially smart on foreign Adult wants nsa Coachella. On Tuesday night Mr. Obama informed us that he was asking Congress to pass a resolution to authorize the use of force against the Islamic State.

This comes precisely a year after our really, really smart commander in chief referred Adult wants nsa Coachella ISIS as a "jayvee team. Decline and Fall of Obama's America. While David Cameron, PM of the UK, returned from a vacation in Portugal to deal with the horror as best he could the murderer was apparently an Afghan who had lived in Britain for a timeour President went onto the golf course on the exclusive island of Martha's Vineyard. This man is not cool. This man is Adult wants nsa Coachella.

Between two mirrors, Obama touts health law sign-up. One Women seeking real sex Cape May Court House New Jersey debate all that went wrong in Iraq in the last five years, but there has been one constant in this equation that entire time: As our narcissist in chief poses and preens with a selfie stick in a BuzzFeed video, the world comes apart at the seams and chaos reigns.

Have we ever had a less serious person in the White House? President Obama's digital security leaves something to be desired. Since nothing Obama has done as president reflects anything like brilliance, the myth of his genius continues to rest on two pre-election assumptions, both unchallenged by the major media.

One is that Obama alone wrote his autobiography Dreams from My Father"the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician" according to Time 's Joe Klein. The second is that Obama deserved to be president of the Harvard Law Review. For those interested in the first question I would recommend my book, Deconstructing Obama. As the record will show, Obama was incapable of writing that book on his own. Friendly biographer David Remnick tells us that Obama was an "unspectacular" student in his two years at Columbia and at every stop before that going back to grade school.

Are There Two Obamas? On Adult wants nsa Coachella other hand, when he's not scripted, he says some amazing things. It's the Post Office that's always having problems.

The others, like the Adult wants nsa Coachella killers horror, were ad-libbed. The past Julian bbw looking for sex has seen the latest manifestation of the disgraceful way Barack Obama has acted as President. Barack Obama and the 'Supergirls'. Barack Obama couldn't make it to Bibi Netanyahu's address to a joint session of Congress, but he did squeeze in an appearance at the fifth annual White Adult wants nsa Coachella science fair, which he said is the "most fun event of the year.

After more than six years of listening to President Obama's unremitting lies, when he says of the latest "accord" with Iran, "It's a good deal" and standing in the Rose Garden declares that the U.

Hobgoblins and little statesmen. A few days ago, Obama displayed, once again, his cursory, puddle-deep off-teleprompter intellect. In referring to the Israeli position on Iran, President Obama took another intellectual stab, but he missed.

The President said, "Consistency is the hobgoblin of narrow minds. Bush had made such a blunder, not only misquoting, but not footnoting. Obama's embarrassing mistake as he greets Saudi princes. The prince sat stony-faced as Obama makes the error.

Obama talks b-ball and more important stuff on Twitter. But it turns out Obama's attention span is limited, and like many Americans, he'd be just as happy to talk about basketball. It was the subject of two of the nine questions Adult wants nsa Coachella answered. Everything is Adult wants nsa Coachella as they Adult wants nsa Coachella. Inmost diehard conservatives weren't fooled by Adult wants nsa Coachella oratorical prowess of Barack Hussein Obama.

We were flummoxedhowever, by how normally intelligent pundits like Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal failed to spot the con job kept hidden by sealed records and who joined the media fawning and adulation of the 'most brilliant candidate ever.

Having just suggested that Obama may be deliberately antagonizing conservatives by sounding completely arrogant, let me now hasten Adult wants nsa Coachella add that there is no doubt that the President is the incarnation of arrogance and self-worship.