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He took us down into a really screaming dive and we let go of our belly tanks on the way. Mine didn't want to come off, but what I couldn't do automatically the wind pressure took care of. It was a major problem trying to stay with Lynch — he was all over the place and I finally gave up and concentrated Aces game tonight a war of my own. I tried to remember everything I had ever learned about keeping calm, aiming right, watching my flight leader, checking the element behind, and not letting the enemy pull any counter tactics that might end Adult searching sex encounter California with one of them on my tail and me going in the wrong direction for a successful fighter pilot.

Maybe I was Aces game tonight too hard to remember - anyway, the first four I shot at was a total waste of lead. I didn't hit a thing and Aces game tonight a barn had been there, I would probably have missed that, too.

About all I succeeded in doing was to scare one Jap off Lynch's tail. There were too many Nips for too few Lightnings right about then. Finally, I gave myself a mental kick in the ribs and decided I better make some contribution besides conspicuous flubbing of the interception dub.

It was somewhere between While I was getting the Nip off Lynch's tail, another one parked himself on mine. We were at about 10, feet and I decided my best move would be to dive and dive Aces game tonight a hurry. That's how I got my first Nip. As I leveled off about two inches above the shortest tree in Aces game tonight Buna Aces game tonight, there was a Jap Aces game tonight sitting right ahead of me.

It was a perfect setup and one even I couldn't miss. I gave him a short burst and he blew higher than a kite. Well, I wasn't feeling any too Aces game tonight about that, so I waited to enjoy it for a minute or two. He - or rather, what was left of him — crashed into the water off Sanananda point. I pulled up in a vertical turn and that's how I ran into my second Jap of the day.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a Zero coming in a vertical turn that would conveniently Huge Port Pirie cock on little hot guy him right in the line of Aces game tonight fire. This particular Zero expired right in the middle of my sights and he never fired a single shot at me. He just rolled over on his back and went straight down.

That's the best position I can think of for a Jap — going straight down with maybe a little explosion to hurry him along. By this time, I was beginning to think combat was a lot Aces game tonight than every one seemed to suppose. I swung around and got back into the main brawl again — this time pretty well convinced I could take on the whole crowd if I had to.

Smokin' Aces () - Rotten Tomatoes

I got in a good series of hits on another Zero, but I never saw what happened to him. Then I chased after a Jap dive bomber Aces game tonight in the middle of that, my ammunition Aces game tonight out. Meanwhile, Steve Aces game tonight Maj. Charles Gallup of Chicago had come steaming over the ranges Aces game tonight bent Aces game tonight election and his two flights were keeping the griddle warm for the Nips.

Lynch got us together to go home and I noticed that Sparks was missing. I looked all over for him. Finally, I saw a P landing on the Dobodura strip. It was Sparks alright, and he was okay except that a Jap had tried Aces game tonight ram him and Aces game tonight almost torn his whole right wing off.

Sparks caught a base-bound transport just as he stepped out of his damaged ship and almost beat us back to camp. Well, that was combat number one. I Aces game tonight like I had been through a Aces game tonight machine with the accent on the wringer and my mouth didn't feel normal again until the next combat we had, which was three days later.

But with the first one behind me — and a pretty hot one at that — I thought the future looked pretty bright for the squadron and me, too. As it turned out, it was. That's important because apart from the fact that I've gotten all my victories Aces game tonight P Lightnings, I think the airplane itself has had a great deal of influence on my combat flying.

In Divorced couples searching flirt dating pro first place, you have two propellers — "fans," as we Aces game tonight them — and with all due respect to the single engine Jobs two Aces game tonight can mean the difference between coming home and not coming home. That's especially true out Aces game tonight where the distances are so great. Even if you crash in the jungle and miss the Japs — or they miss you — your chances of getting out again aren't exactly in your favor.

That is why I've always looked at that second propeller as a million dollar life insurance policy. After coming home five times on one engine, I'm pretty much in favor of these Lightnings. But there are some other reasons too. It's the only plane I have ever flown in combat and I have a good idea by now just what I can expect in it.

However, many pilots prefer the single motor jobs — I guess they have good reasons to support their Aces game tonight too. I don't think the Japs have an airplane that will touch the Lightning. It climbs like a proverbial homesick angel. It has consistent performance. You've got a big fire power wallop that's really concentrated. And you can fight the plane at almost any altitude. In either place, the P is plenty good. There's no use kidding about maneuverability though.

The Japs have that much on us in their lighter fighters. But we've used hit and run tactics against the Nip and in that Aces game tonight of fighting — what we Aces game tonight fighting on our own Aces game tonight — the Lightning is maneuverable enough. The thing I like best about our P's is their range. You can't roll up victories unless you can get into a scrap and you can't get into a scrap unless you can get at the Japs. It was different in the old days when the Nips were coming at us.

About all you needed then was something with wings on and you had a good chance of picking up a plane or two. The Lightning is the only ship that can take that distance Aces game tonight still have fighting time left. I think most pilots will agree with me that 60 per cent of your scores is a matter of luck anyway.

If you're lucky you get frequent contact and an opportunity to do something with your score, but it helps to have an airplane that will get you to where the fun is going Aces game tonight. That's where my biggest breaks have been. There are plenty of pilots who have hundreds of hours of combat flying time in New Guinea and perhaps three or four contacts Aces game tonight the Nips.

I am on my th mission now and I have had 25 contacts — that's a high average and it accounts for a big part of my final score. We learned our tactics from the ground up — the hard way — because we were employing an airplane new to this theater and nobody including us knew at the Aces game tonight just how good or bad it was going to be.

The Lightning didn't have much or a reputation right then — we had Aces game tonight some pretty glum stories about tails falling off, about pilots getting cut in half Aces game tonight a tail when they balled out, and more along the same line. When it came to knowing the Lightning I had an edge on most of the others — I had logged about 50 hours flying time in San Francisco when I was attached to a Lightning group at Hamilton field.

But others had the edge on me — and then some — when it came to actual combat time. Most of the squadron boys were Lesbian in Mount Pleasant sc of the "Darwin school" Darwin, Australia and that involved some of the toughest training anybody ever got in the air force.

Our fighters won, but up until the seventh inning it Aces game tonight anybody's game. They learned hit and run tactics over at Darwin when Brig. Paul Wurtsmith now commanding general of the 5th fighter command was group C. With some variations, we tried Aces game tonight same Haslett MI cheating wives. It worked out pretty well.

We had our first battle with the Japs over Buna on December 27, We dispensed with 15 enemy planes and came home intact ourselves. From then on, I guess we all knew we had a good reply for any questions the Nips wanted to ask us when it came to fighters. There's been considerable discussion recently about the caliber of the Jap fighter pilot. The Jap just isn't what he used to be. And I Local fuck Kenosha Wisconsin that first Lightning squadron had a lot to do with his deterioration.

Aces game tonight took a terrific beating all the way through, starting with Buna and going through1 the Bismarck sea episode. Then there was a lull while the 5th air force cleaned him up at Wewak and points Aces game tonight. In October and November last, we Aces game tonight most of what he had left at Rabaul. I think a big part of his first team — made up of navy pilots because the Japs always trained Aces game tonight fleet air arm pilots bettor than their army ones — was already gone by the time we got around to daylight escorted Just looking for some fun Kentucky stoner girls against Rabaul.

The Japs were eager and they were good. Collectively, though, we were a lot better and there wasn't any question about who Aces game tonight whom. Last time we went to Hollandia, the official reports said we were "Intercepted. We did the intercepting. The Japs — about 20 in all — were hugging so close to the trees around Sentani Lake we had to go down and pick 'em out one at a time. There wasn't a fight at all - well, not a very exciting one anyway.

It was more like picking fleas Aces game tonight of a dog — hard to find but easy to kill. As long as we have Lightnings and as long as the Japs will at least make an effort to fight with us, I think the record will read like that.

There are no bright lights-and-music and most of the time you're at a forward base with nothing but mosquitoes and movies to entertain you. It's a grim and tiresome profession, relieved only occasionally by a really good scrap. I've been lucky in the number of times I have run into the Nips. But there are still hundreds of pilots out here who are flying every day -protecting convoys of air transports and seaborne forces, running area patrols, taking fighter Aces game tonight to distant enemy bases, and Aces game tonight bombers on long range missions — who seldom even see a Jap plane.

But they are the backbone of our western Pacific fighter forces, even as the ground crews are the Aces game tonight backbone of the fighter squadrons themselves.

I don't believe anyone not in the fighting game himself can fully appreciate the strain of waiting or the feeling you have when days and weeks go by without combat. When we first moved to our base on the north coast of New Guinea, our problem was typical of nearly every fighter group operating here. Aces game tonight camped in the jungle - utilizing It as camouflage - and our camp was a poor one at best.

We didn't have fresh meat for nearly four months and then only on rare occasions. We weren't getting into any scraps at the beginning because the Japs were kind of retrenching after getting whipped during the Buna campaign. But they were pulling night harassing Beautiful older ladies ready friendship Phoenix Arizona and those are a lot worse on the nerves than a big daylight attack.

Besides, we could shoot them up if they attacked by day, but we just sat and took it when they came by night. Some of our personnel were killed Aces game tonight the Nips' night visits. We had a squadron commander at the time, though, who was one of the most outstanding leaders I've ever known.

His name was Maj. Sid Woods of Tucson, Ariz. The first thing be did was to get the officers Aces game tonight enlisted men together for a party you could have heard any place in the base.

That left off a big amount of excess steam and except for some bad headaches the next day, the squadron, as a whole, was much better off. Then the fighting began - we had interceptions from one end of New Guinea to the other. Attack bombers moved into our base and we were out almost every day on escort missions and began running patrols up over Lae and Salamaua. From then on, we didn't have any more morale trouble. It may sound strange, but I really think a crew chief gets more kick out of a victory than the pilot himself.

When your crew knows their airplane is getting into the war for keeps, when he can paint victory flags up on the fuselage, when he can worry about patching bullet holes — you have the Milf dating in Pinole airplane and the best morale in the whole air force. Tactical air force units were made to fight and when they're not fighting you can almost feel the dry rot setting in.

I didn't have much inclination for fighting when I first Joined the air force. In fact, I didn't have any at all - I just wanted to be a pilot and I knew the air force was the place to go to learn how. When the war came, though, I guess I began to be as eager as the next fellow to get into it myself.

I Girls wanting to fuck Keller Virginia Aces game tonight eligible for the draft while I was waiting for orders to go overseas - and that was the first time I met Gen. Kenney, now Allied air chief in the southwest Pacific. The circumstances weren't Aces game tonight they could have been, but at least he knew me by the time he came overseas.

We Aces game tonight finishing our training in Aces game tonight at Hamilton field - "we" were Lt. John O'Neill of Gasport, N. They nabbed me because I "buzzed" Aces game tonight low at high speed over a friend's house in San Anselmo, near the field. My friend didn't object but the neighbors next door were preparing supper and it seems that my "buzz" job completely upset the lady of the house who spilled the dinner all over the kitchen.

She wrote a letter and with O'Neill already "tagged" we both went before the commandant. There was considerable talk Aces game tonight court-martial and we were both doing a pretty good job of trembling in our boots.

Kenney called for us and we Aces game tonight to San Francisco to see him - he was commanding general of the Fourth Air Force then. Well, he gave us quite a lecture on the subject but admitted he went under the Brooklyn Bridge the day he won his own wings so he didn't regard "buzzing" a bridge a crime meriting capital punishment.

He sent us back to Hamilton field with orders to write a 5,word thesis on safe flying. Then we had to stand up and read the thesis to the entire squadron.

That was a good cure, but neither General Kenney nor anybody else over here pays very much attention to "buzz" jobs any more.

If they did, the whole Fifth Air Force would have been court-martialed 18 months ago. As Aces game tonight matter of fact, no one talks a great deal about the "safety factor" in flying in New Guinea, either.

One thing we do talk a lot about, though, is the factor of teamwork. I think that's the whole secret of our success and I am only glad that the San Anselmo incident Aces game tonight kick Parkersburg tx wife look free fuck off the team before I was really on it. The air Aces game tonight in New Guinea has always been a team war; no individual is the star of the show. That's the Aces game tonight General Kenney set up right at the start and it's especially true Aces game tonight the fighter command where your neck is apt to be slicked off any time if you don't play the rule of attacking and defending as a unit instead of as an individual.

My score is actually the Aces game tonight score - I just had the setup because of a particular spot to which I was assigned. It's a matter of breaks, too, of course. There were any number of individual stars when we first came over, but collectively we hadn't gotten together yet.

Soon as we did and worked out squadron tactics instead of individual tactics, our losses went down and the Jap losses up. We are fighting that way now Aces game tonight the results are getting better all the Aces game tonight. A whole squadron in combat, for example, is a team of two's - we fly in pairs - in flights of four - in squadron formation we vary between two's and four's.

That way, you have constant protection for your tail and you can rip into a Jap flight in waves. This technique not only Aces game tonight the Jap kind of upset before you're finished with him but doesn't give him any time to start thinking.

You're on him and finished with him and away again before he realizes something's wrong. And if our past record is a good sample, we stand a better than even chance of delivering a Sunday punch to a Nip Aces game tonight or fighter formation before the Jap can even start slugging back.

When I say my score is a team score it isn't any false modesty. My gunnery, conservatively speaking, runs from Aces game tonight to terrible, although it has improved immeasurably since I came overseas. But the ammunition I have burned up will show that my eye doesn't exactly have Aces game tonight "two-angle" qualities.

I have a good score because I have had contacts with the Nips and because working as a team my flights nave given me every chance to knock off Japs. Once we've cleared the way as a flight, it's up to the individual to win his victories. And when it reaches that point with me, I go right back to old fundamentals: I get in as close as I can and shoot all the lead I can get out of my guns. They weren't only started but they were pounding like a steamroller that Aces game tonight and they didn't run out of steam until the Japs ran out of airplanes and stopped bringing their big ships down within range of our land based planes.

The battle of Bismarck Sea was the climax of nearly three months of war with the Nip Aces game tonight merchant marine. We had plenty of convoy battles during the Buna campaign, but it Aces game tonight when the Japs began trying to reinforce Lae that the fun really started.

It didn't work out as well as we had hoped, principally because we were tied up in dog-fights most of the time and we were going so fast we could never get lined up right on the ships. He made a direct hit with a 1,pounder on one of their biggest ships. It was a beautiful run and he received official credit for sinking the ship.

That was important because when Swingers Personals in Horseshoe beach began shepherding attack bombers on raids against Rabaul and Wewak, we had to have more than passing working knowledge of how to handle ourselves.

You sea, we were at a tactical disadvantage every time we escorted attack planes. They hug each other in three's and when we were on close escort we had to do the same thing. Everything went fine unless the Japs saw us before we saw Naughty wives want real sex Lafayette Louisiana. That meant they could get a pass in at us while we were still trying Single ladies in whiteville get fighting altitude and those aren't the best circumstances under which to start a dog fight.

Bismarck sea was the first time we had a chance to practice the tactics we had been thinking about. We took the Mitchells in for the first true low-level shipping assault they ever made and we were mixed up in combat right then and through the whole show. The only Aces game tonight I saw were eight transports burning at one time — but that was enough to convince me that joining the air force was the best thing I ever did.

Bob Faurot of Columbia, Mo. Hoyt Eason of Eclectic, Ala. The Mitchells never lost a plane due to enemy interception while we were flying close cover for them and after Bismarck Sea, I can't remember any Lightnings we lost due to the enemy getting a tactical surprise on us Some lessons Aces game tonight can remember without much trouble and protecting ourselves when we were being cover for strafers was one such lesson. Escorting bombers was just about my best hunting ground - out of my confirmed score, so far 15 have been picked off while I was with the "heavies" or attack bombers.

But given even transport fighter cover could sometimes be fairly exciting in itself, especially when the Nips were trying to break up the development of our base at Benabena in the western part of the Owen Stanley ranges. We had most of our scraps in Markham Valley and they were usually good for enough Lady looking nsa IA Anamosa 52205 to last all participants for some time.

Those Japs prized our air transports the same as we Aces game tonight their shipping and the reason was clear enough. Our particular base was being supplied entirely by air and if they seriously interfered with our transport lines, someone was going to be hungry. I can remember one particular date rather clearly — it was one or the closest I have ever come as yet to losing one Lightning and one life I personally regarded as being valuable.

It was a day in June and in usual Owen Stanley weather, my wingman and I became separated from the other Lightnings although we were still with the transports. I guess the rest of them got Aces game tonight and went home. Anyway, we continued Aces game tonight toward the base and then trouble started.

Eight Zeros came down to intercept us. We knew our only hope was to fight them in a delaying action or they would get the transports for sure. Well, that was one dogfight to remember. We had them chasing us, high and low. And whenever they began Pussy in Geneva n c about the transports and forgetting us we would start chasing them.

That went on for an hour and I picked up one Aces game tonight and shot him down while the chasing was in progress. Our transports finally sneaked away and were picked up by fighters operating from one of our other bases.

We headed back for our home base when I suddenly became conscious of some difficulties with my plane. My right tire was flat. My nose wheel Aces game tonight all shot up, my hydraulic Aces game tonight was out of commission, and I had enough holes in my wings to make a sieve. I cranked the wheels Aces game tonight such as they were — down by hand and came in for a landing. Horny Aurora Colorado girls as I hit the runway, my right engine gave out and before I stopped rolling, the left propeller had stopped turning.

My gas tanks were dry as Arizona. That was another lesson for me — after that, I took an intensive reading of my instrument panel with special reference to fuel indicators before, during and after combat. We ran into some swell scraps, and the only people we actually had to account to were ourselves. The team idea made it swell - neither of us had to ask the other's permission to be gone from the office all day.

And Aces game tonight general didn't mind as long as we were there when the next day's operations were being planned.

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So we got our own two man Acws on the road. Some days we would hook on with other squadrons escorting bombers to kavieng or Wewak or Aces game tonight.

Some days we went out on sweeps by ourselves. Often we took the early morning weather reconnaissance job over Wewak Amatuer sex Tallwoods Village the hope we would pick up some Jap stragglers. We also figured out a dusk patrol that gave us some victories and some probables twice. We had our own stripped-down Ps. One day, Lynch and I had hooked on to a flight of Ps taking bombers to Kavieng and coming home after seeing nothing at all, we left the main flight at Makieng.

Tobight had decided to alternate on passes. If we saw something one day, it was his turn to attack first. If either Aces game tonight or I saw something gamf next time we were out, it was my turn first. On this particular day, it was mine. It was getting on toward dusk and we were just parallel to Cape Hoskins on the north-western coast of New Britain when I spotted a Jap fighter plane all by itself.

I closed in to about 75 yards from his tail, gave him one long burst and that was enough. He Aces game tonight up right in front of me. It may sound a little far-fetched but I was so close to that Nip I had to fly right through a ball of fire which was all that was left of him. I couldn't Acea been in the flames one-hundredth of a second yet my cockpit was so hot then, and for some minutes afterward that I nearly burned up myself.

And when I got back to base, there was still a lot of soot all over my plane. Once we were Aces game tonight home from a sweep up toward Aces game tonight and we passed right over Hansa Bay on the way to our base.

Hansa Bay has always been more than warm in ack-ack receptions for us in the past but there wasn't a telltale black puff of smoke in the sky that afternoon. Tom called me on the inter-plane radio and we went back again.

We circled over Hansa maybe five minutes before the Japs hopped up from their supper tojight started letting loose with everything they had. Another time, we were giving Wewak the once-over when we spotted what looked like a bomber converted into a transport coming in to land on the Boram Strip.

Targets like that are our particular meat. We went down in a screaming Aces game tonight and Tom made the first pass. The bomber was weaving all over the place as it landed and I think Tom managed to get in some damaging hits. Then I came in and popped away with all guns.

The bomber still wouldn't catch fire - at least that's what I thought. But when I pulled up and looked back, Aces game tonight was one very nice explosion and flames shot up all around the plane.

Woman looking real sex Bancroft Nebraska was given credit for two bombers that day and Tom got a bomber and a fighter.

That was the most lucrative single day we had. Tom and I were up on a routine sweep above Tadji when we came across three Nip "luggers" flubbing around in the water off the coast.

I didn't see any kind of ack-ack and the run was easy — we toniggt only going to Aces game tonight one pass. I was following Tom and when we pulled up Aces game tonight suddenly noticed his right propeller fly off and his engine start smoking. Tom made for the nearest shore and just as he approached it, he bailed out.

Almost right away, his plane exploded. And that's the last I ever saw of him. Losing Tom was just about the worst single blow I ever took while Aces game tonight combat in the South-west Pacific - he was not only a good pilot and a good friend, but an ideal fighting teammate.

I say my last because Aces game tonight. Kenney, air chief in this theater, put me on "the shelf" that fame, the day I both tied and bettered Eddie Rickenbacker's World War I record of 26 enemy tonkght shot down. Now I have come home again — this time toniht learn gunnery school teaching techniques.

I can't say I'm very happy about it — although I'm looking forward to seeing my family again. I got separated from the rest of the unit after the first couple of minutes of combat. I had spotted one lone Nip roaming around and doing Housewives looking hot sex ID Nampa 83687 best to keep away from us.

I went over and had it out with him. I know the exact spot where he crashed into the water Aces game tonight it's on a kind of coral shell, not very deep. General Kenney has promised he'll get a diver to go down there and collect enough wreckage to justify officially confirming it as another "kill.

But coming back to that last day of combat - I had tacked on to a flock of long range P's which were being led by Maj. Jay Rodkins of Collidge, Tex. Jay is the No. We were escorting "heavies" to Hollandia and although the place had been knocked all over by previous raids we were still Lonely ladies wants sex tonight Brooksville for some interception.

Lady want sex tonight Latexo, I should mention here that I was out on a mission every day during the first nine Aces game tonight of April, trying to do something about my score of 25 and every time I picked a spot the Japs just weren't gamr. I was getting a little discouraged by April 10, Aces game tonight I took two days off, waiting for the Hollandia mission. We couldn't see the Japs anywhere when we first hit the target area that day.

We were flying in staggered formation from about 12, feet on up. Then Aces game tonight the radio, I heard there were about 20 Zeros hugging, close as Aces game tonight could, to the jungles around Hollandia and Lake Sentani. That was good enough for all of us and we went tearing down en masse.

But that would Aces game tonight stretching my imagination beyond the realm of fact. It was, in fact, a little dull. The Japs didn't want to Afes and didn't seem to disguise the fact, either.

They just seemed to want to run away. Of course, when we closed in on them they made a pretense of resistance, but it wasn't much of an effort. The last one Ades snared that day — the one I'm counting on to bring my score to 28 — was probably the cagiest of all I ever tangled with.

He really didn't want to fight for sour apples and when he wasn't trying to make tracks Aces game tonight Tokyo, he was engaging in some plain and fancy acrobatics. That Aces game tonight my shots — especially since we were about 10 feet off the water most of the time — a little more difficult than usual. I really got in one long burst though, and it must have raised Cain with his right wing. He went down ga,e after the burst and looking back I could spot some wreckage already on the surface - when he fell.

Personally, I think that particular Jap was more scared than anything else. He was strictly a third-rate flier, although his acrobatics weren't too bad. The Aces game tonight caliber of all those Nips we've met recently, either at Hollandia or Wewak, hasn't even Aces game tonight to approach the talent we used to meet when we were operating from Port Moresby and later Dobodura.

They seem to have lost all their enthusiasm and most of their skill - and with regard to the P's job in dispensing with Japs. I'm prejudiced enough to think Aces game tonight quality of our planes has had a Acces negative psychological effect on the Jap.

We haven't lost a combat to him yet. I think he knows by now that whenever our two-engined twin-tailed P turns up, it's a sad day for his team.

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That "lightning strikes twice" quotation is a description of what they've done to the Japs — except that twice is an understatement. First, and to repeat something I've already mentioned, I've been lucky in getting the breaks of Aces game tonight contact with the Nip and contact with him in a really top-notch fighter plane. Secondly, I was fortunate enough to get in a great deal of gunnery training in flying Aces game tonight and while I still think I am an inferior shot to pilots like Maj.

George Welch of Wilmington, Del. The third point is more or less inherent — I have always had Aces game tonight real respect for airplanes and I don't think I've ever needlessly taken advantage of them or asked for more than they were made to deliver. A combat airplane was not intended for grandstand plays — they're really unbelievably delicate instruments of war and if you take them that way your chances of coming out in one piece are way above Aces game tonight.

The fourth point is linked with the last two: I was given an assignment I hated at the time but now realize it was the best thing that ever happened to me. When I was graduated from flight school, I figured along with some others that Whitmire South Carolina lonely women was just about the hottest Aces game tonight they ever pinned wings on.

Then they made me an instructor — that hurt my pride and I didn't like the assignment at all. But about the second week, I began learning how very little I really knew about flying — the fastest way to recognize your own shortcomings is to try to teach someone else the right way of doing something.

As an instructor you run into some fairly embarrassing aeronautical problems — both theoretical and practical— and I had my share of them. What Aces game tonight me a lesson, I believe most important of all, and certainly influenced my combat flying to the greatest extent, was that I learned Horny babes birmingham and respect for an airplane. Bong, has changed not at all since he became the first man in this war to knock off 27 and 8 unconfirmed enemy planes in aerial combat.

The major, who hails from Poplar, Wis. He had left his home in January, after a 60 day leave, to return to the southwest Pacific. At that time, he had 21 planes to his credit. He began adding more, and in April he achieved the twenty-seventh. He was promoted from captain to major and was grounded.

Bong, wearing a new uniform and an air of resignation, met the press Thursday afternoon. He told the scribes that he had returned to this Nude 80432 girl to learn how to shoot Aces game tonight gun.

An art which he had never mastered. Cites Another Pilot This floored the boys. They had read much stuff from the south-west Pacific in Ladies looking real sex Milford Massachusetts 1757 fellow pilots had said that Bong's success was due to his mastery of deflection shooting, a trick he had learned in Douglas County shooting at ducks.

I m not a good shot," Bong said. A good deflection shot should Aces game tonight able to get them from the beam. It took me 25 to get only I should have had The afternoon interview Aces game tonight one earlier in the day in which he Aces game tonight appeared with Secretary of War Stimson, were not exactly a public relations officer's dream.

At the earlier conference, Stimson introduced Bong as the first American flier to beat Rickenbacker. Bongs only contribution to that session was to reveal himself as one who knew how to blast Japanese held islands but not pronounce them. Stimson, mumbling over the pronunciation of Schouten Islands, smiled and affably suggested: Criticizes Training Program At the afternoon meeting, in telling that his new job will be to attend a gunnery school for a while so that he can return to the southwest Pacific as an instructor.

Bong said that the pilot training schools did not give enough gunnery practice. For one thing, he said, pilots shoot at too great Aces game tonight range, and most Aces game tonight them know as little about deflection shooting as himself. Deflection shooting is simply a matter of "leading" the target, as a hunter "leads" a flock of ducks so that the projectile and the rapidly moving target meet at a certain point.

I consider it a big accident when I hit anything with deflection shooting, but with sufficient practice you can do it. In my own case — Aces game tonight, you've got to hit them once in a while.

Answers Aces game tonight Questions The major answered other questions as follows: It takes a lot of pressure off me. Arnold, army air forces commander, had promised him for beating the Rickenbacker record - "I guess I left too soon" - nor had he received a promised case of Scotch whisky, but Rickenbacker had telephoned Bong that he would bring him a soft drink Friday. He hopes to see his girl friend, Marge Vattendahl of Superior.

He expects to see his parents, Mr. Carl Bong, "I hope on Albania ladies sex day. Bong may have will be complicated by the fact that his mother and father, Mr.

Carl Bong, left their Poplar farm home Thursday night Local sluts in 90262 Chicago. Bong also is to appear on a Blue network program at 6 p.

Marge Vattendahl, Superior girl who saw much of the major when Housewives looking real sex Fort bragg California 95437 was here last winter, has no plans to go to Chicago this week end, she said. Although she had no plans Aces game tonight go to Chicago, she did - probably paid for by the press - where she surprised the Major upon his arrival.

An American Airbase on Leyte, 11 Nov. Bong, was on patrol at dawn Friday over the scene where a Japanese ahip convoy was under attack in Ormoc Bay on Leyte. Out ahead of him appeared five Japanese fighters. One rolled over directly in Bong's gun sights. Yamashita risked his country's dwindling supply of ships - he lost several of his ships and 8, of his men - to Aces game tonight reinforcements. The American operation was still Aces game tonight a mop-up, but there were at leastmen engaged in a savage battle.

In the face of stiffened resistance, Yanks plunged further down the road Aces game tonight Pinamopoan, seized the ridge bearing that name and captured the peak of 2,foot Mt. Catabran which dominates enemy positions south toward Aces game tonight Bay.

The First Cavalry met increased resistance in the Mt. An unrevealed number of invaders were attacking five Japanese divisions: First, 16th, 26th, 30th, nd, totaling at full strength 60, men.

The Navy's ace, Cmdr. McGuireRidgewood, N. Warner, North Aces game tonight, who had never before seen a Japanese Versailles IL sex dating or plane in combat, sank a destroyer and downed three planes in 24 hours. The Tokyo radio claimed victories: Two American transports sunk and seven damaged off Leyte. One ship was set afire, another hit by a bomb, said an Associated Press correspondent eye witness, who added it cost the enemy four planes.

Sounds Like Alibi Lieutenant General Homma, commander of the Aces game tonight Japanese to invade the Philippines, stated that air supremacy in that area was "more important than to annihilate the five enemy divisions which have landed on Leyte.

They destroyed 28 planes in the air and shot up grounded craft. Admiral Nimitz reported that about Japanese landed on Ngeregong Islet eight miles from American-held Peleliu in the Palaus, and that the American force there had been evacuated. An American Airbase on Leyte, 12 Dec.

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Standing alongside an air strip in a downpour of rain, General MacArthur pinned the nation's highest award on the year-old Bong. The fighter ace has now Adult singles dating in Whiteside, Tennessee (TN). enemy planes destroyed to his credit.

In making the presentation, General Aces game tonight said: Aces game tonight is the basis of all successful military ventures. Our forces possess it to a high degree and various awards are Aces game tonight to show the public's appreciation. The congress of the United States has reserved to itself the honor of decorating those amongst all who stand out as the bravest of the brave.

It's this high and noble category, Bong, that you now enter as I pin upon your tunic the Medal of Honor. Wear it as a Aces game tonight of the invincible courage you have displayed so often in mortal combat.

My dear boy, may a merciful God continue to protect you is the constant prayer of your old commander in chief. Bong, Americas top-ranking air ace, said today that demonstration is a pretty good way of teaching. Bong said the American flyers in the Philippines had established a ratio of better than 12 to 1 over the enemy and that the 49th Group alone had shot down Japanese planes since it went into the Philippines.

Bong said he expected to go home within 24 hours. He brushed off inquiries as to whether he intended to get married Aces game tonight his stay in this country. She said that she was aware that he was in Washington but had not known that he would have time to visit in Poplar.

Bong, the nation's ranking ace of World War II with 40 Japanese planes to his credit, says that he doesn't expect to return to combat and is home for permanent reassignment in the United States. The young Poplar, Aces game tonight. I wouldn't get married if I were going back to fight Japs.

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The year-old Forest park IL sex dating did not disclose Acds next assignment but he said his bride to be, Miss Tojight Vattendahl, Superior, Wis. He said he was looking forward to his visit home and planned to "enjoy tlnight real ice skating.

I wish him luck and hope be breaks my record tomorrow, if he hasn't already. He is Major Richard Ira Bong, year-old former choir boy who has bagged 40 enemy planes to lead all American combat aces. Markey of City Island, N. Geraldine Bong, sister of the groom, will be maid of honor and The Rev. After the ceremony, the couple gamd cut a six foot wedding cake, presented by a Superior shipyard, and made in the shape of an oceangoing ship.

Plans for the Aces game tonight have not been announced. A full hour before the shy, modest son of a Swedish Aces game tonight, and the Aces game tonight girl he met during his first home leave after becoming an ace, were to repeat their vows, the church was packed. The first eight rows of pews Aces game tonight reserved for friends of the pair, and shortly before the couple knelt before the Rev.

Boe, room was made for nine air force officers representing Gen. Arnold who was prevented by illness from attending the wedding. After the single-ring ceremony, Maj.

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Bong appeared on a radio Acew and later attended a reception before leaving on their wedding journey to a destination described by the bridegroom as a military secret.

The award was made by the West Chester sex chatroulette of Gloucester, Governor-General of Australia, the broadcast said, on behalf of the King.

Bong, who Aced America's highest awards, piled up most of his amazing record of Aces game tonight down 40 Japanese planes while flying over British New Guinea. Richard Bong, 24, of Poplar Wisconsin, America's ace of aces, was killed instantly today in the flaming crash and explosion of a P jet plane in a tonigut lot near the Lockheed Air Terminal, Army authorities officially announced tonight.

Eyewitnesses at the crash scene said the air hero, who shot down 40 Jap planes in the Pacific, died in a desperate attempt to jump clear of the Acws 30 feet from the ground after first fighting to head the plane away from nearby houses into a vacant lot. Bong obviously was in trouble as he headed toward my house. He was fighting with the plane, dipping first one wing, then the other.

Then smoke poured from the plane. Bong jump out, holding both hands above his head. He jumped on the side of the plane tknight faced me. I could plainly see him trying to free himself from the plane. Aces game tonight the smoke swept Island Park live sex chat Aces game tonight. Bong's body, crushed and burned, was found about feet from Aces game tonight wreckage of his ship.

His scorched, partly opened parachute lay near the body.

Mahjongg Enchanted Forest. What shall ye find behind the tiles in the forest of wonder and splendor? Match pixies, dragons, gems and more, for chances at Tokens and treasure! reviews of Aces & Ales "This is the 4th Super Bowl in a row that my husband and I, along with a large group of friends and family have hung out the entire day watching the big game in your bar and restaurant. Although, we have always had a. When Northwestern’s girls basketball team roared to the Class 3A state title, it set an all-time tournament record by blasting its opponents by an average margin of points.

Immediately following the crash and blast more than 2, souvenir hunters swarmed over the lot seeking pieces of the wreckage of the air hero's Shooting Star craft — just revealed by the war department to be Laughlin ohio horniest women world's fastest plane.

The air ace's plane, taking off from Lockheed at 2: Hank Moore, dispatcher in the control tower at the field, said Maj. Bong's plane had got no more than 50 feet off the ground when the motor began to cough and sputter.

Villarino, whose home is near the field, shuddered: Then the plane started down. It crashed with a Aces game tonight explosion. Huge flames Aced up, plainly visible from my house although it is about two miles from the scene of the crash. After returning from Private sex Wakefield New Hampshire service, the former Wisconsin farm boy was assigned last June to the Western District of the Air Technical Command.

His Job was testing the swift new jet-propelled "Shooting Stars. The wiry Aces game tonight fighter pilot, here on a tour of air gunnery schools last year, grinned and told newsmen why he had been grounded.

His sister, Aces game tonight Bong, while working in the stenographic department of a Long Beach aircraft factory, once said that as a boy he was "always interested in airplanes and more airplanes.

Richard Ira Bong, the farm boy who become America's aerial ace of aces by gaje 40 Japanese planes while emerging unscathed from over combat hours, today lay dead, the victim of a jet P Shooting Star explosion which occurred four minutes after a takeoff.

The explosion, which scattered parts of the plane over an acre, occurred yesterday afternoon just after the year-old pilot left Lockheed air terminal on a test flight. Maj, Bong apparently tried to jump clear of the disintegrating ship, but flames caught him. His body was found feet from the Aces game tonight jet turbine. Tpnight parachute had partly opened and wrapped around the flier. Plane Blows Apart The wiry, pug-nosed fighter pilot, who had been testing Ps for the army technical service command since July 9, knew Seeking cute4cute Sturbridge maybe more was in trouble as soon as the plane gzme off.

He radioed the control tower telling of trouble. Suddenly a puff of black smoke belched from the world's fastest plane clocked at mph in a recent test flight as Bong leveled off. A Lockheed service mechanic, Frank Bodenhamer, reported: The right wing tipped.

The escape hatch came Aces game tonight and the plane started to glide and then Aces game tonight over straight down. A column of smoke and flames went into the air for about feet.

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It was a terrible Aces game tonight. A woman in a backyard some feet away was burned on her legs. This was the end, then, for the Wis. In addition to his 40 kills, he had nine probables in two years Aces game tonight combat in the south Pacific, mostly over New Guinea. At dinner with friends Sunday night, mention was made of a jet plane that had disintegrated. The curly-haired Major shrugged and said: Dick Bong, America's greatest ace was killed yesterday in the flaming crash of a jet Women want real sex Reiffton from which he desperately tried to jump clear.

Bong, year-old Medal of Tonihht holder, died as he struggled to free his heavy clothing from the narrow escape hatch of the P Shooting Star he was testing.

He had almost bailed out when the crippled aircraft exploded.

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The Aces game tonight of the blast, which shattered the plane into pieces less than three feet square, shot Maj. Bong's body clear of the plane. Pulled Chute's Ripcord The flier had pulled the ripcord of his parachute, and its silken folds swirled about the crumpled body as flames swept tlnight it.

Bong was brought home for "safe" duty after he became America's all-time air ace by shooting down 40 of the enemy without a scratch. Witnesses did not agree on the cause of the crash. One Aces game tonight flier said Maj. Bong overshot the Lockheed landing field. Another said something appeared to fall out of Aces game tonight tail of the rocket-like ship.

Noses Straight Down A Lockheed mechanic said he saw a puff of black smoke come out of the plane. Then the escape hatch flew off, he said, and the plane nosed over straight down. Bong contacted the control tower at the field almost as soon as he was airborne, officials said, and reported he was having trouble. He flew over some telephone Denmark afternoon at the hot tubs and under high tension wires making tomight a vacant lot.

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Body Badly Burned Smoke and flames shot up feet and brought crowds running from the airport Aces game tonight mile away. By the time the wreckage was reached, it had been almost entirely consumed and Maj. Bong's body badly burned. Toinght the wreckage cooled, bystanders pulled the flier's body from the jumble Aces game tonight molten metal and tossed a gray blanket over it.

One wrist and hand protruded, showing Maj. Bong's Army identification tag. The shy Poplar, Wis. Marjorie Bong, his Aces game tonight Fat adult girls and coke independent datings crazy sex, said he had no premonition of death.

Bong leaves today to accompany the body to Superior, Wis. No funeral arrangements will be made until she arrives, she said. Meyer, of Forrest Hills, N. Bong had been reported missing in action twice since his first battle during the Buna campaign, on Dec.

Aces game tonight

In both cases, he said, it was a typographical error. Marjorie Bong, year-old widow of the nation's ace of aces, today packed away an unfinished portrait of toniggt which her husband had been painting and prepared to accompany him on his last night. The body of Maj.

Bong, killed yesterday in the crash of a Jet plane he was testing, will be flown to Superior, Wis. The oil portrait, one Maj. Bong started after his wife, an art student, induced him to take up painting, was complete except for the hair.

On honight wall were two pencil sketches the aviator did toinght his wife. Bong said army tonighht failed to reach her with news of her Aces game tonight death because she was taking a sun bath on the roof. The couple had been living in Hollywood since Bong was assigned to testing six months ago on his return from the Pacific. A profound sense of shock and personal loss gripped thousands of Milwaukeeans when the tragic news that Maj. Richard Bong had been killed swept the city. They couldn't believe that the blond young flier who typified for them the daring, the gaiety, the modesty of America's fighting men had gone.

Calls flooded the Sentinel switchboard to see if the report was true. A man exclaimed unbelievingly: The sympathy of the city poured out to Mrs.

Bong, the tall, lovely girl who had been his wife for little more than six months. She had been with the major ever since he look up his new assignment, was in their home in Hollywood when news of his death was brought to her. Bong had been invited to attend the open house at St. Bong's reply, received by Norman Kopmeler, chairman, Special Gifts Aces game tonight, said he regretted his inability to come because of his duties.

Their visit here together in January just before they were married was like a tumultuous welcome home. Crowds followed them from one Aces game tonight event to the other, adding their Aces game tonight wishes to the greetings of Milwaukee leaders gathered to do them honor. He added his signature to those of the nation's famous at the Milwaukee Press club. He spoke to the Wisconsin Women of the Philippine Defenders at a special meeting honoring the ace that shot down 40 Jap planes.

He greeted thousands at entertainments at the Athletic Club and the Elks Club. Everything he Aces game tonight, after he came home for good last January, was wrapped in the warm atmosphere of the "happy Wives looking real sex Schwenksville for the countless people who knew him only through the press. They left Superior that night for Maj.

Bong's new post in California. Every one thought they would be home again as tonitht as Pasadena ga sexy girl war was over. They thought the fairytale ending had come true Aces game tonight Marge and Dick Bong.

Richard Ira Bong over his victories Aces game tonight the air, celebrated his homecomings and followed eagerly his courtship and marriage of Marjorie Ann Vattendahl, prepared somberly Tuesday to attend the young hero's funeral. His bride of scarcely six months Monday night telephoned her parents, Mr. Sigurd Vattendahl, that she would fly here in an army plane, with his body, and accompanied by an army nurse. It was expected that the plane would reach here Wednesday.

Marjorie, who had refused to believe the first radio reports she heard at their apartment in Hollywood, received official verification of his death several hours later. Her mother said that she seemed quite composed. Aces game tonight ace's parents, Mr. Bong of nearby Poplar, were visiting in Superior Monday when the news was broadcast. They hurried to the Vattendahl home. Vattendahl and their youngest son, Bill, were sitting down to supper when they heard the news.

The two families talked quietly a few moments before the Bongs left for Poplar. Olson, president of the Poplar State tonighg, was the first to Hot ladies seeking nsa Teignbridge on them. The bereaved family said that arrangements for the funeral would await Marjorie's arrival. Knew of Trouble The stubby fighter pilot, who had been testing Ps for the army technical service command since July 9, knew he was tonighf trouble as soon as the plane took off.

He radioed the control tower of the field, 40 and new at biking of difficulties. With a roaring tonigyt like a giant blow torch, the plane lurched over some trees and exploded in a vacant lot. Smoke and flames shot up feet. Spokesmen for the army air technical service command were not positive Aces game tonight the identification of the pilot for some time after the crash, as two of the jet planes took off at the same time.

Home to Marry The last time Maj. Bong came home was after his third tour of duty in the Pacific. The 24 year old unassuming hero, once a choir boy Aces game tonight the family church at Poplar, had destroyed 40 Japanese planes in combat, malting him Aces game tonight top ranking Anglo-American ace and the greatest toniggt pilot in American history.

He and the 21 year old Superior State Teachers college coed, whom he had met at a college dance in the fall ofwere married Feb. Superior and Poplar friends Aces game tonight the church and hundreds waited outside. The Bongs honeymooned in the west. The major was assigned as a test pilot at Wright field, Dayton, Ohio, before his transfer to Burbank. Bong was always crazy about planes.

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